Thursday 24 January 2013

What's On My Bedside Table - Part 2

Hi Guys - Thanks for your kind words and enthusiasm on my last post,so I'm here now all be it a day later with Part 2 :)

The bedside table on the opposite side again is a chest of drawers in birch veneer from the Malm range. I'm a huge fan of this furniture line, it's not the most glamorous but it's super practical and again there is lots of room, for my clothes and other bits and bobs.

Again it's a little bit cluttered, but I like my things, and pretty things at close hand, we'll start from left to right, at the back on the far left is another lamp, I was going to get a similar one but I got this as birthday present a few years ago and I love it. It's the IKEA Knubbig Table Lamp - I'm not sure whether they do this colour anymore but there might be a bigger range in store - mine is pink with a frosted pink flower design and it gives a gorgeous pink glow. In front of the lamp is a little glass dish, which is actually the Fortjust Tealight Holder again from IKEA, in it I have some bracelets. Next to that I have some hand and nail products, I have The Body Shop Candied Ginger Hand And Nail Cream, some Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil (Love This!!) and the Perfect Formula Daily Moisture. As you can see I also have a photograph of my mum taken at my godparents house, the gorgeous mirrored floral and crystal frame came from Poundland of all places! In front of  that is a small Yankee Candle in Vanilla Lime,with a Yankee Crackle Glass Shade, a Yankee Jasmine Tea Light in a Yankee Hat Box Tea Light Holder, a pink crystal daisy paperweight from QVC and a ceramic cupcake which contains hair bobbles.

Next to that is another ceramic cupcake also containing hair bobbles. I have four of these altogether and they used to contain candles :) Behind that is an empty candle holder from IKEA which also contains bracelets and bit of jewellery. It's the Lonsboda Scented Candle In Glass Holder- Light Lilac - the candle wasn't amazing but I love the holder. Behind that is a Next Mosaic Mirror Photo Frame, with a black and white photograph of my parents on their wedding day, there are coloured photographs but I loved this black and white one. In front of that is an empty Yankee Candle Jar decorated with floral stickers which also contains hair bobbles. Just in front of that you can see three mini pigs in brass and ceramic - I love pigs and I have lots of them. In front of that is a Betty Crocker Candle that smells of cinnamon. Just sneaked in there you can also see a box of matches that I use to light my candles.

To the left of that is another photograph, this one is of my mum and day at my first graduation ceremony, where their standing is now metro track lol This silver tone textured frame is again from Poundland. Just behind that is a little flower photo holder that I bought in Majorca that contains an inspirational message quote that a friend gave me. In front of the photo is another IKEA Lonsboda Candle this time in a pink glass, I'm still burning this one x Next to that is another ceramic cupcake containing hair bobbles and in front of that is an IKEA candle holder containing a Yankee Plumeria Sampler Candle.

At the very back of the drawers are jewellery holders, the one at the very back on the far right is a cream  metal earring holder from Debenhams, I also have a few bracelets thrown over it. It's a bit hard to see but in front of that is another cream metal earring holder, which was from ASOS.

To the left of that is a rather strange disembodied hand jewellery holder which came from New Look. This is where I store a lot of bracelets and bangles, and to the left of that is a floral, pale pink / lilac glass bottle which is also from IKEA, unfortunately I can't find it online, but the Snartig is quite similar in shape. I also use this to store bracelets and bangles.

So that's my bedside tables, they are pretty cluttered but I think I've managed to find some nice bits and some good storage ideas, that look pretty and weren't too expensive. If you have any questions please leave me a comment, and if you've done a similar post or anything involving room tours, or storage please leave me a link xx (P.S. Don't forget to click the images to make them bigger ;)

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