Tuesday 22 January 2013

What's On My Bedside Table - Part 1

I've seen a lot of these posts on blogs and videos on You Tube, and I have to say I love them. I love room tours, storage posts and of course these ones.

Pretty much all of the posts and videos tat I've seen feature proper little bedside tables, mine well doesn't. I have a compact room where space is at a premium so on either side of my insanely comfortable orthopaedic bed I have a IKEA Birch Veneer 4 Drawer Malm which contain t-shirts, vests, pyjamas and underwear. All the furniture in my room is from the same range, and is in birch veneer bar my tv stand. Since both sides  are mine, I thought I'd show you both of them in two separate posts.

As you can see there is a lot of stuff on there so I'll go through it all for all of you fellow nosey peeps:)

Starting for the far left, I have two boxes containing hair products, the orange box contained a Sanctuary gift set, and the blue floral one contained a Hello Kitty Liberty set that I got for Christmas. I always try to use boxes like this for storage and these ones contain mainly hair things. On the top of those boxes is Sir Teddy which was part of the MAC Holiday Collection a year or so ago, and on the top of the other one is a double sided magnifying mirror which is the Trensum from Ikea. In front of that is a magnetic daisy photo / note holder that originally came from Matalan, a couple of Yankee samplers, and some paperweights.

At the front of the unit I have a small Yankee Baby Powder Candle,with a white heart shade and tray both of which came from QVC. To the left of that is my Kindle in a purple case that came from ebay, and on top of that is my pill organiser. Behind that is a Hello Kitty Liberty tin which contains hair clips, a glass ring holder that belonged to my gran, and a little glass pot, which used to contain a Betty Crocker Candle which now contains pens, bigger hair clips, nail files, and scissors, and to the left of that is another paperweight.

At the back of the unit is a mirrored glass jewellery case that I got for Christmas, I think it came from Matalan, in it are a few bits of jewellery and some eye make up products. On top of that is a ceramic pink handbag storage jar that came from TK Maxx, which I keep cotton buds in. To the side of that is a Hello Kitty, I love her clothes all 60's / 70's monochrome and I love the faux pearl necklace - I got he several years ago from ebay. You can't really see but behind her is a Sun Jar mood light, that I've filled with acrylic, faceted beads - it gives off a subtle pink / purple light.

Next to that is my bedside lamp, which has a clear plastic bubble stand. I think it came from Homebase or Focus. In front of that is my Evoke Pure DAB radio, I tend to listen to a lot of football at night :), and in front of that I have an IPod speaker dock for when I want some tunes. Near that you can see a purple glass tea light holder, that I got from Cyprus, I think that it contains a Yankee Baby Powder tea light, and you can also probably see a little pot of lip balm.

In the morning I usually have a mug of tea there, and at night I usually have a glass of squash or more often than not water, to take my medication with.

I hope you've enjoyed this little look into my world, and I'll see you tomorrow, with Part 2 xx If you have any questions please leave me a comment and don't forget to click on the images to make them bigger xx


  1. omg i AM so nosey!!!! It makes me want to share mine lol xxx

  2. I love posts like this! I think I might follow your example and get a chest of drawers for a new bedside table. My room isn't that small but I don't have enough drawers to keep all my stuff in so it would be handy :)

  3. wow I love all yout bits and bobs such a great post x

  4. Hi what a beautiful post on the bedside table and looks so much organized. I like the most table lamp. On my bedside table a box of tissues, books, glasses, body lotion, and my skin care routine products of mine. Click to see more


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