Tuesday 15 January 2013

The Worlds Biggest Juice Detox - Results And Conclusions

Well it took a lot of effort and willpower but I'm pleased to say that I managed to complete the Worlds Biggest Juice Detox / The Juice Master Diet 7lbs In 7 Days. It was incredibly tough but I never cheated and lived on fresh juices, water and fresh teas for one week. As much as I wanted to weigh myself I didn't step on the scales until this morning, did I lose any weight well my current weight is %& st 12lbs

And what does that mean well, it means I've lost 5lbs - I have to say I'm happy with that - You have to bear in mind that I couldn't do the recommended exercise programme, so this is purely based on the juice plan itself, and it's even better considering it's my time of the month!!! In this post I'm going to try and sum up my experience and answer some of the frequently asked questions

How Did You Find The Programme?

Well I started the programme like everyone does on a new diet or eating plan, full of enthusiasm. I managed the majority of the juices and didn't feel full at all. As the week progressed though I found myself feeling fuller, and less able to stomach some of the greener juices. I don't know whether this was down to the hormonal changes, or the fact that I was starting to just feel generally fuller and a bit fed up of the whole thing.

Were You Ever Hungry?

I can honestly say that I have never felt hungry during the entire week, in fact I even started to miss juices out because I was just too full. 

Did You Crave Anything?

For the first few days I didn't crave a thing but as the week went on the craving did start. Funnily enough I never craved chocolate instead I craved salty things, and carbs, and above all cooked food, even cooked vegetables, and tea I really want a proper cup of tea!

What Was The Worst Part Of The Week / The Plan?

I have to say that the last 3 days were by far the worst. I didn't get on with some of the green juices and increasingly found that they made me feel a bit queasy. I did find the plan a bit repetitive and whilst I can see the reasons for the inclusion of all the juices, I think it would have been easier to stick to if there had been more variety. I either found myself drinking things that I didn't particularly like, or leaving juices out altogether. According to the book you can replace the juices you don't like though. I also found that the cravings increased as the week went on. I also had a few problems with headaches at the begging of the week, but they rapidly went away as my body detoxed, and I also developed a mouth ulcer or two that thankfully disappeared quite quickly.

What Was The Best Part Of The Week / The Plan?

Despite the headaches, The first few days were definitely the easiest, I've also been introduced to some infusions and juices that I will continue to make. I've also experienced some positive changes on the plan, which leads me on to the next questions :)

Have You Noticed Any Changes Whilst Being On The Plan?

Apart from the weight loss yes I have. I haven't felt a massive rush of energy unfortunately but I have been sleeping better. People always assume that if you have chronic fatigue syndrome that you just sleep, well yes you do sleep an awful lot, but you also get horrible sleepless nights, even though your absolutely exhausted. I have to say I've generally fell asleep more easily than normal this week, in fact I've pretty much been gone as soon as my head has touched the pillow. I can't say why that is the only thing I can think of is down to a lack of caffeine, I do like my tea, and cola based drinks, so maybe this is something I really need to keep a lid on. Unfortunately it did make me wake up any easier in the morning. The only other major change that I noticed was my skin, initially I developed quite a few whiteheads but as the week went on my skin has cleared up immensely and don't forget this is my time of the month so I really should have had a pretty major break out this month  - maybe the old story is true a healthy diet and drinking more water really does make your skin look better!

What Juices / Smoothies Will You Make Again?

I came to the conclusion that I'm very much a fruit girl, as the week progressed I had more and more trouble getting some of the vegetable based ones down, so unsurprisingly it's the fruit based ones I'm going to be making again. 

My favourite juice on the plan was definitely the Juice Master's Home-made Sherbet Lemonade, in fact I've even had one today, the full recipe is here, but it's so simple just a combination of apples and lemon, it's zesty fresh and tastes exactly like the sweets. I'm sure this would be even better in the summer.

The next one that I loved was the Juice Master Lemon / Ginger Zinger (click here to see the recipe). Yes this does contain a vegetable - the carrot  but carrots have a real sweetness to them that really add to this juice, and alongside apples, lemon and ginger it makes a lovely fresh, zingy tasting juice.

The final juice or smoothie that I would make again is the Passion 4 Juice Master, this yummy smoothie contains apple, pineapple, banana and yogurt It was really satisfying and it really filled me up You can find the full recipe on the Juice Master Website.

As well as the juices and smoothie I can also see myself making some of the fresh teas again and in particular the lemon and the lime, which I really enjoyed and I think could really help me drink less normal tea throughout the day.

Would You Do The 7 Day Juice Detox Again?

I have to say that the answer to this questions has probably changes about 20 times during the course of this week. At the beginning the answer was a resounding yes, now however I'm not so sure I'm pleased with the results, and I definitely think that there is something in the consumption of so much fresh fruit, vegetables and water, but I don't think that this is for the faint hearted. Not liking some of the juices made a real difference as the programme progressed if I did it again I would definitely have to consume things that I liked but would they have the same nutritional values? So I guess the answer to this questions would be a pretty indecisive one, I really don't know, time will tell I suppose. Your supposed to do it once a season for maximum benefit so I've got plenty of time to decide.

What Lessons Has The Juice Detox Taught You?

Well the biggest things it's taught me is willpower and self discipline. Mummy Lou told me yesterday that she didn't think that I'd last the week but I have and I've done it. It's basically taught me that if I want to do things I can I do have the inner strength to succeed in whatever I do and that I can say no to that chocolate bar x It also taught me to love fruit again especially. I really don't eat too much fruit but now I'm drooling at the site of the fruit bowl, and I'm loving apples and pineapples again which has to be good. Finally I've learnt that I really do need to drink more water, I drink way too much all be it sugar free squash, and I should really drink more water instead.

What Now?

According to everything I've read you can't just go from a juice detox straight back to eating the way you were before and I've got no intention of doing that. I've read a few of Jason Vales books now, and they all recommend gradually reintroducing normal food back into you diet, so I'm still going still going to having some juices in my diet, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and water. Above though I'm going to try and eat more healthily and not snack as often, as I said I'm not going along with the deprivation thing I really don't think it works for me in the long term, so I'm going to try and eat sensibly, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I have a bar of chocolate. I've included a little weight loss section on my side bar, because I think that publishing my weekly losses and gains might make a difference willpower wise.

Hint And Tips For Anyone Thinking Of Doing A Juice Detox

  • Think about it carefully before you do it - this is not something to be taken lightly - it needs a hell of a lot of willpower and strength to complete the 7 days
  • As well as willpower it needs a bit of preparation - you need to organise a shopping list and make sure you have everything you need
  • Which leads me on to the next point this is possibly a very price prohibitive plan - If your just shopping for the one person then you'd be OK as this would be your weekly shop, if your shopping for a family as well this could be expensive. Just as an example you need around 76 apples to complete the full programme
  • To make it as simple as possible you need the best and most powerful juicer that you can afford,  the one I was sent was the Philips Avance White HR1869 Juicer. This was brilliant because it's great with whole food such as apples, and you can even juice pineapple with the skin on
  • Talking of juicers, if you can rinse your juicer out between uses, no their not the easiest things to clean but I find that rinsing all the juice and pulp off straight away makes a real difference when it comes to doing the washing up
  • I would also recommend that you get a decent blender, mine is ancient and really struggled with crushing the ice
  • Get a compost bin - thankfully we have a compost bin in the garden, but if you don't have one I would definitely recommend one you get loads of organic wastage from juicing that would definitely make a difference in the garden.
  • It goes without saying that I would definitely recommend that you purchase The Juice Master Diet 7lbs In 7 Days by Jason Vale. The book gives you shopping lists, a wallchart, recipes and inspiration on how to successfully complete the plan and the benefits that you can see from it. Jason writes in a really good no nonsense style which makes the book and the information quite easy to digest (haha). The Juice Master website is also really useful and contains lots of info on plan, and on juicing in general x

So that's it guys I'm done, dusted and a little bit lighter than I was at this time last week, I'd like to thank you all for your support and enthusiasm both on here and on twitter,without you guys, the lovely people from Philips PR Team and Mummy Lou I would never have made it. If you have any more questions or there is anything else that you would like to ask please leave me a comment, contact me through twitter, or send my email x 

( The Philips Avance White HR1869 Juicer, All The Fruit, Vegetables And Supplements That Appeared In The Plan, And The Juice Master Diet 7lbs In 7 Days By Jason Vale Were All Provided By PR On Behalf Of Philips and Juice Master)


  1. Well done for sticking to it! 5lb is really good and you can use it as a way of kickm starting your healthy eating x

  2. Well done on the weight loss Lou, 51b is a fab amount to lose. Great, informative post.

    Sadie xx

  3. Well done on the weight loss Lou! This sounds like it was a great challenge, and I'm glad you weren't hungry! I really want to get a juicer - they seem like such a great way to get massive amounts of nutrients into your system really quickly... And I think I'd enjoy coming up with crazy concoctions too!

  4. Wow 5lb is a lot to lose in a week! I'm glad to know you weren't hungry at all and didn't feel too deprived. There's something about the juice-only diet that I don't like the idea of, it seems too crash-diet-style or something. But if it works for you then so much the better. I'd love to get a juicer but they're too expensive for me :(


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