Sunday 13 January 2013

Shopping The Sales - My January Sale Haul

I know I normally post my haul at the end of the month but I've decided to sneak an extra one in here to show you some of my sale purchases. Because of the dreaded lurgy that just doesn't seem to want to go away I've done my sales shopping online this year. I have to admit it was all a bit of a damp squib to me, the majority of stores either had nothing worth buying or the reductions simply weren't big enough . It's always the way when you  have money isn't it never mind I've spent some of my Christmas money on this sale haul, and on my general January haul but I still have some money and vouchers left over, which I think I'll hold off spending until the sale stock it all gone

I wasn't keen on buying a lot of clothes this time round because as you've probably already realised I am intending to lose a bit of weight this year, so I didn't really see the point, and instead I got some basics and things that I could wear even if I did manage to lose a bit of weight. First up Next, they screwed up a bit year with the VIP sale invites so by the time I got to check out the online sale all the good stuff had gone. I still managed to get this slightly textured cream shirt.

I love the over sized appearance and the fact that you can roll the sleeves up. I already have a few of these from Next and wear them a lot with skinny jeans or leggings, and you can even wear them over a vest as a jacket. This was reduced from £22 to £12.

I also picked up some unmentionables ie undies from Next, which was pretty much it bar this set of Lipsy Earrings, which were reduced from £10 to £5

You get three pairs, some cream bows, some cream stars, and some crystal bows with dangling pearls - so cute

So that was my Next sale haul not exactly exciting but I'm not the type of person to queue up at 3am on a Boxing Day morning to get a bargain.

Next up H&M, I already mentioned that some of the things that I bought in my December haul ended up in the sale but thankfully so did a couple of other things that I liked. I still ended up sending a pile of stuff back, their sizing is so erratic and I can't stand itchy fabric grrr. Anyway the first purchase was just a basic blue marl sweatshirt, Surprisingly I don't actually own anything else like this, I usually prefer something a bit more dressy or fitted but this was just £3.99, down from £12.99 and given that the weather is getting even colder, it's probably a wise investment.

I spend a lot of time in my PJ's so I thought I'd pick up another pair These cute Snoopy ones were reduced to £7.00. You get a t-shirt and a pair of leggings. I really like these because the t-shirt is long enough to be a sleep tee in it own right so your getting 2 for 1 really :)

The final H&M item that I kept was this watch frame bracelet from the Maison Martin Margiela collaboration

To be honest I debated whether to keep this as it's so different from anything else that I own. I very weighty, and very bold, but I actually really like it. I removed the ribbon pretty much straight away it was too much of a cat magnet ;) but on it own on even layered with other pieces I think I could make this work. It was £10 reduced from £29.99.

My main sale haulage this year came from Boots, there seems to be no point whatsoever of buying their gift sets at full price because if they don't reduce them as gift of the week they end up in the sale anyways! The first thing I picked up was something I'd wanted for Christmas but didn't get

The Gorgeous By Gok Bag Of Indulgence, this was originally £45 but I got it for £22. I've since heard that it's been reduced again! Take my advice and buy this - the purple patent vanity case is gorgeous in it's own right, and it's full of gorgeous smelling bath and body products - the Argan Body Butter is a new favourite -  well worth the money and I'm super happy I got this at last.

Next a couple of things that I looked for in store before Christmas but never found. The Henry Holland Body Bag, contains a cute, nice quality tote bag, that would make a great beach bag filled with a super cute polka dot box containing bath and body products, this time with a lovely fresh citrus type smell.

This was £12.50 and had been £25 again good value especially when you consider the bag :)

The next thing that I got that I could never find in store was the Ted Baker The Name On Everyones Lips, which was reduced  from £15 to £7.50.

I'd seen this kit on a few blogs but the fact that I was still doing Project 10 Pan and that I'd never managed to see it in store when I was Mummy Lou meant that I thought I'd missed out but I hadn't.

This cute Ballerina design tin contains 4 twist up lipsticks. All the shades are really wearable - you get a nice range of coral, pink and plum tones and they feel really smooth on the lips x I would definitely recommend this if you spot it on a sale shelf x

The final thing I picked up from the Boots sale, was the FCUK The Toiletry Bag was reduced for £18, to £9.

This kit includes a two compartment large patent make up, toiletry bag, and a body butter, a body wash, a body spray and a body puff, all in the French Connection Signature range. I already received a FCUK kit for Christmas but I absolutely love the French Connection Signature fragrance which is now only available in the gift sets, so I had to pick this up.

My final sale purchase came from Beauty Bay and it was something that I'd wanted for sometime

Yes, the Stila Convertible Colour in Lillium, these normally retail at £16 but I got this one for £12.80 including postage x

The colour looks a bit scary in the pan but its a lovely almost coral toned nude - can't wait to have a proper play with this on my cheeks and lips xx

So that was my sale haul, did you pick up anything exciting or particularly bargainous? let me know in the comments xx

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