Monday 7 January 2013

Changing My Lifestyle, And My Diet With The Worlds Biggest Detox

New Year always means a new start and this year I'm determined to make some changes in my life, some things are personal and are things that I'm keeping to myself but one thing that I am prepared to share with you is the fact that I want, no need to lose some weight.

I've always had an odd relationship with food, I come from a family that loves food maybe a little bit too much. I was always a big child which probably wasn't helped by the fact that I was taller and bigger boned than most of my peers, I was never obese but I always had a bit of puppy fat. It never bothered me until I went to University and rather than put weight on I fell into a cycle of what can only be described as competitive dieting. The weight fell off and when I graduated in 1999 I was a size 8-10 and verging on underweight for my height and build, once I started full time work, whilst at the same time attending uni part time, though the weight started to creep back on Chunky Kit Kats, the tea trolley, long days and snacking all lead me back to a normal weight. Then wham, bereavement, and illness all meant that the weight started piling back on. I've managed to lose the odd stone here and there but changes in medication, and illness developments have all meant I'm now at my heaviest ever weight. I never have a sense of being full, I comfort eat, I can't exercise very much, and 3 lots of my many tablets can lead to weight gain, I really am fighting a losing battle, and as much as I think it's important to be happy in your own skin, and to be happy what ever your shape, I'm not happy and things need to change.

I've tried diets in the past, slimming clubs you name it but it never stays off -  so in 2013 I've decided to change the way I think about food and weight loss in general. Diets don't work for me in the long term so I've decided to change the way I eat, and eat less fat, refined sugar, salt and carbohydrates, and eat more fruit and veg, and drink more water, simple really just eat the right amount of the right foods. I'm not going to do the deprivation thing any more - depriving yourself of something is a way ticket to eating badly, everything in moderation is that way. That said deprivation is going to be the way to go at least for a week. I really need a kick up the backside to get my motivated and to change my mindset, and I was recently offered that kick, by the people at Philips.

Last year I was sent a batch of goodies from Philips to get me set for summer, and one of the items that I was sent was the Philips Avance Juicer, I loved my juicing experience and it was something that I was intending to repeat in 2013. Recently though I received an email inviting me to partake in "The Worlds Biggest Detox". Designed by Juice Master Jason Vale, this is a mass participation event from the 7th-13th January which is designed to encourage people to lose around 7lbs in 7 days purely by the power of juicing, and to introduce them to a healthier lifestyle.

This is just the kick that I needed, so I've agreed to take part, and today I received some boxes full of fresh fruit and vegetables, and some supplements to start my 7 day detox, as well as some motivational posters, stickers, a wall planner and a juice flask just in case I need to eat out.

I also received a copy of The Juice Master Diet 7lbs In 7 Days by Jason Vale, which basically tells you more about juicing, and more about the health and nutritional aspects, and benefits of juicing and trying out this detox. Jason Vale doesn't believe in the term diet he believes in changing attitudes and lifestyle, which is something that I want to achieve. I'm hoping that this 7 day detox will help me start to think about food differently and that it will help me with my willpower and craving issues.

Obviously you should never undertake any dietary change without consulting a medical professional, and I've been to the surgery to day and I've had the all clear to go forward and try to lose weight by what ever means it takes. He did suggest as per usual that losing any weight will be difficult for me but I'm prepared to give it ago. The book also recommends an exercise plan which I won't be able to do for medical reasons but we'll see how I get on.

So over the next 7 days (I'm starting a day later than everyone else!) I'm going to do a daily update on the juices and smoothies that I've drank, the benefits of some of the ingredients and supplements I've been given and about how I'm getting on, and above all how I'm feeling. This is a real in your face detox I will be consuming nothing but fruit, vegetables, herbs, dietary supplements, water and a tiny bit of yogurt for 7 days!! eek! No chocolate, and no cheese HELP!

I know this might seem a bit of a cranky plan but it's perfectly legit and nutritionally safe. For more information on The Worlds Biggest Detox and Jason Vale please check out the Juice Master website. If juicing and detoxing aren't your thing though don't worry I'll also be sticking a few beauty posts up this week including a few reviews and a gorgeous nails of the day. If you have any questions or if you want to wish me luck please leave me a comment xx

(All the products in the post were provided for promotional purposes)


  1. Good luck! I've been thinking of doing a juice detox too so looking forward to reading your recipes and thoughts about the whole thing x

  2. I've really enjoyed reading the posts about this juice cleanse - I'd love to see the juicer and hear a bit about how easy it is to use and clean? xx

    1. Thanks Jen x I've already done a post on the juicer itself which I did when I was sent it . No juicer from what I can gather is easy to clean but this one isn't bad you just need to rinse it and leave it to soak rather than letting the pulp dry on xx hope that helps xx


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