Friday 11 January 2013

The Worlds Biggest Juice Detox - Day 4

Evening guys x Another batch of fresh juices have been consumed today and I'm just past the half way point of my 7 day juice detox.

What I Drank Today

Surprise, surprise but I started my day with lemon and hot water again. I must try one of the other options before the 7 days are out :)

I started my juicing journey today with 2 servings of the Juice Master Super Juice, For some reason it took me ages to drink this one today. It's nice and fresh and I haven't minded it on previous days, but today it seemed to take a lot of drinking.

My next juice was a new one - yeah - I know its probably wrong to get excited about a pure fruit and vegetable juice, but a slight change in the plan is what I need at the moment. Today the plan introduced the Juice Master's Super Detox Juice. How healthy does that sound? well very and it's reflected in the ingredients - apples, cucumber,celery, spinach and "Power Geens" which is a Juice Master supplement. I wasn't sent any of the Power Greens but you can replace it with a handful of green leaves which is what I did. I threw in some kale, parsley, broccoli, and even a stray sprout. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about this one but it was actually nice, the celery flavour really came out, and this was a really fresh palette cleansing juice.

Finally it was two servings of the Juice Master's Turbo Express. This is supposedly a big favourite of Katie Price who is a big Juice Master and juicing devotee. One of today's juices had wheatgrass added. This juice doesn't appear again on the programme any more but again it's something I will probably make again, the combination of the spinach, pineapple and avocado is full of vitamins and just works. (You can find the full recipe here)

So that's my juices over for the day, and as per usual my final drink of the day was a hot one. Instead of making another infusion I decided to try something called Juice Master's Hot and Spicy. All you do is juice three apples then warm the juice gently in a pan with a pinch of cinnamon. It really does smell like apple pie in a mug perfect for such a cold winters night x I followed the instructions and put in a large pinch of cinnamon but I think I'll use slightly less next time, as it's a very overpowering flavour. Oh and I used red apples hence the colour x I definitely recommend that you give this go it's a fab winter warmer, you can find the recipe here, if you want to try it x

Ingredient Of The Day

Today's ingredient of the day is one of stranger additions to juice detox - Spirulina. Spirulina is an aquatic blue green algae, the evidence shows has grown on planet Earth for over 3 billion years. Supposedly one of the healthiest food sources found on the planet. It contains 10 x the amount of Beta Carotene than the carrot and it's rich in iron, and also contains vitamin B12 - two things which as a vegetarian I can often be short of. It's also full or protein and fatty acids.  It features in several of the recipes on the plan including the Juice Master's Super Juice and the Passion For Juice Master.

 It comes in several formats including tablets, protein drinks and the powder. I was sent the powder which makes it super easy to blend into any of the juices. It's a really fine powder which is a really, really dark bottle green in colour. It has quite a strange smell a but thankfully you can't taste it in any of the recipes.

How Am I Feeling?

Well I have to admit I've struggled a bit today. I woke up this morning feeling really, really thirsty, so I've tried to drink a lot more water today. My first two juices seemed to take forever to get down, maybe I wasn't hungry, maybe I'd drank too much water, I don't know but this morning was hard. Thankfully I rallied a bit this afternoon especially with the introduction of a new juice, only to be kicked back down a little bit by the smell of my mum's chicken curry. I hadn't had any real cravings until today to be honest, I expected to crave chocolate like a loon but that hasn't happened. The sweetness of the fruit and some of the veg seems to have balanced that out instead today I'm really craving salty food. I'm finding myself looking longingly at some of the salad recipes on the Juice Master website, salty cheese bring it on and quick! No I'm staying positive I'm on the final straight now I can do this!!!

(All Of The Fruit, Vegetables And Superfood Extracts In This Post And The Juicer Were Provided By Phillips In Association With The Juice Master For Review / Promotional Purposes)


  1. i noticed in one off your early detox posts you said that you woke up straight away, and it may have something to do with the detox. Have you been waking up straight away the last couple of days?

    1. To be perfectly honest no, I would go so far as to say I've slept a bit better, but it hasn't improved my overall energy levels first thing as yet x

  2. Get you, I'm impressed. Wouldn't have the willpower to do this. I work at a natural health site and one of the other writers is taking part in the juice: have a read:


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