Tuesday 8 January 2013

The Worlds Biggest Juice Detox - Day 1

I woke up very late today after experiencing some absolutely hideous pains in my muscles last night,I really felt dreadful and couldn't sleep for toffee, but I woke up fresh and raring to go. The first objective of the day was to jump on the scales, and I have to be honest and say I got a pretty big shock, despite being poorly and the winter vomiting bug I've put on nearly a stone over Christmas.

I'm not going to reveal my current weigh on here in full I'm way too embarrassed about it to do that but I currently weigh **st 3lbs, so you'll be able to get a rough idea of how much, if any, weight that I lose over the course of the week.

What I Drank Today

Well the day started not with a juice or smoothie as such, but supposedly the way that actresses and supermodels start their day across the world- a slice of lemon in some hot water. The water should be hot but not boiling in order to preserve the nutrients. This combo is designed to cleanse and wake up the system to prepare it for the day ahead. I was a bit frightened about this being too acidy first thing but I actually really enjoyed it - I'm a huge lemon fan so yes I could get used to this one. There are a few more options for the first drink of the day which I'll be trying as the week progresses.

The next two juices of the day were both "The Juice Master Super Juice". This juice was a nice combo of fruits and vegetables, it contained amongst other things pineapple, cucumber, lime, and avocado, as well as wheatgrass, spirulina, and  acidophilus - don't worry if you don't know what these supplements are - I'll be telling you all about them as this week goes on :). Despite the rather vibrant dark green colour, which is down to the wheatgrass and the spirulina, this just has quite a sweet  taste. I really liked this one which was probably just as well since I had to drink two of them. 

Next up "Juice Masters Super Chute Juice", this one was shall we say a little bit greener, broccoli, courgette, celery, carrots, green leave and beetroot were just some of the ingredient used to make this one up. I must remember to take a picture of this one later in the week for you. The combo of all the greens and the beetroot lead to a really unappetising brown, purple coloured juice. The taste wasn't bad but given the ingredients it did taste quite fresh but at the same time quite earthy from the beetroot. If you fancy giving this one a go, go on you know you want to ;) you can find the recipe here xx

At tea time I had another of the "greener" juices, the "Juice Master Turbo Express" Like the Super Juice this was another part juiced, part blended drink. You juice some the ingredients, for example in this case, pineapple, spinach, cucumber, and celery, and blend them with another key ingredient in this one the avocado, before serving over ice. Whilst the previous juice was a bit meh I really enjoyed this one - I didn't expect to because of the spinach but it tasted really fresh and fruity, and the avocado gave it a lovely almost creamy, smoothie like texture. If you fancy giving this one a try you can find the recipe here on the Juice Master website x

The final juice for today was the Juice Master Lemon / Ginger Zinger. Straight away this one sounded right up my street, a fresh combo of carrot, apple, lemon and ginger. Just look at the colour how could you not feel fresh and alive after that. You get a tiny bit of sweetness but the ginger dominates yum I love ginger and zinger is definitely the right word. This is a really nice drink that I think would be even better earlier in the day for a bit of a boost. If you fancy trying this one check out the recipe here x

The final drink or juice of the day is a hot one, again there are several different options, including hot juices, and infusions but because I was feeling a bit bloated I went for a fennel infusion You can use a good quality fennel tea bag but I was sent a nice bulb of fennel so I popped a slice into a mug of hot but not boiling water and left it to infuse for a bit. Fennel has a lovely aniseed flavour, this wasn't as strong as I would have liked but it gave a subtle aniseed flavour to the water.

Your also advised to drink about 2 litres of water alongside your juices and smoothies but I don't think I've quite managed that today, I've probably only managed about a litre and a half, but I usually have a glass just before bed to take my medication so that might help my intake out a bit.

Ingredient Of The Day

Well it has to be the humble avocado hasn't it - this was an ingredient in two of today's juices  The Juice Master Turbo Express, and The Juice Master Super Juice, and for good reason. Although we generally associate avocados with savoury dishes, such as guacamole, and in salads it is in fact a fruit. Yes it's a known for being slightly high in calories and fat, but these are good fats, that are essential for our skin, hair and body. Avocados are included in so many of these juice recipes because they include all the essential nutrients that the body needs - water, fat, protein, natural sugar, vitamins and minerals, which are essential when your eating a relatively restricted diet like this. They also add a creamy almost dairy like texture to some of the juices giving them an almost dairy smoothie like fail. I am a huge fan of avocados, and especially with the Turbo Express I've found a new and slightly healthier way to use them, other than in salads with basil, tomato and mozzarella, and in guacamole alongside lovely cheesy nachos - ah happy times lol.

How Am I Feeling?

Well so far so good, the late start to my day put a bit of pressure on me to finish all of the drinks by lights out but I managed it. I'm lead to believe that you might not need or want to drink all the juices that are recommended on a daily basis but seeing as it was my first day I thought I'd try to. I was tired when I woke up this morning, and to be honest I'm absolutely shattered now, so I'm not really feeling refreshed or enlivened so far. Physically I'm not feeling too bad I have a slightly thuddy head which could be unrelated and as I said I'm feeling a bit bloated which probably is related hence the fennel tea :), but everything else seems fine. The big question is though after no solid foods today, am I hungry? the answer are you may have already gathered is a resounding No! If anything I feel pretty stuffed, and satisfied I'm not craving anything either. All in all day 1 can probably be regarded as a success.

So that's Day 1 just 6 more to go. Day 2 is supposed to be the hardest as it's when the withdrawal symptoms start to hit, but I've managed one day so fingers crossed I can manage another one. Tomorrow's smoothies and juices are quite similar to today's, so tomorrow I'll be telling you a bit more about the nutritional and health benefits of each one, and focusing on a new ingredient of the day wheatgrass? If you have any questions please leave me a comment, and if your still curious about what I'm doing check out the Juice Master website xx

(All Of The Fruit, Vegetables And Superfood Extracts In This Post And The Juicer Were Provided By Phillips In Association With The Juice Master From Review / Promotional Purposes)


  1. *swigs from coke bottle and munches a biscuit* you're welcome to your juices and healthy stuff :p

    1. LOL That was me and more for the last few weeks think my body was crying out for green stuff - everything in modeation bar this week obviously ;)

  2. This sounds really good but I just don't think I could. I look forward to hear how you get on with it though. :) x

    1. Thanks lovely I would say tho if I can do anybody can I have the willpower of an ant lol

  3. hello my little friend on detox :) Well done on your first day! This sounds like my kind of thing (i am obsessed with fruits, well in food in general) apart from the fennel. The website looks good, I can't believe how many people all over the world are doing it. I want to share you my tips for drinking water, i'll try to blog about it tonight. all the best my louloubelle. xx

    1. thanks chummy x yeah its huge I've been on the twitter and facebook page too so many people giving this agi - its been happening for a few years now and people keep coming back for more x I can't wait to read about your water tips I usually manage it but I struggled yesterday because I was drinking so much - I woke up really thirsty tho which was strange x


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