Monday 18 June 2012

Simple Everyday Nails Courtesy Of Chanel

I love my bright nail colours as much as the next person but every so often I need to step back and return to something a bit more, well neutral - delving in my substantial nail polish collection I found another shade from Chanel that fits the bill perfectly

493 Jade Rose, was released as a limited edition as part of the 2009 Jade collection. The Jade polish called simply Jade was the real star of the collection, given my love for those mint green /aqua shades I can't imagine why I didn't buy it, I can only assume that it must have been because it had sold out. Instead I picked up Jade Rose. I really don't see the relevance of either name to be honest, Jade Rose is a sort of peachy / nude shade with the merest hint of pink sparkle which is visible in sunlight. To be honest this colour was a bit of a pain to apply, coat one was streak city, coat two was fine on the majority of nails but there were still a couple of nails that needed 3 coats.

I'm not 100% sure that this colour suits me but despite the effort needed for application I do actually like it. It gives a really polished, smart look to the nails and it's something you could easily wear everyday and to any occasion. What do you think of Jade Rose?


  1. I think this colour looks great on you. x

  2. I agree, this is a lovely shade!

  3. such a lovely nude shade x


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