Monday 25 June 2012

Cheap and Chic - Nails Of The Day

A little while ago I posted a nails of the day post featuring Chanel Antilope. As I said at the time I had mixed feelings towards the shade, but the feedback from you guys was largely positive - you nearly all liked it. Alas the shade was a limited edition but I received a polish for my birthday that's pretty similar.

OK it's not identical but Make Up Academy MUA Shade 10 is definitely in the same colour family, the MUA shade is a tiny bit darker and a tiny bit more pink toned. I'm still not sure of the colour on my skin tone but at a push I'd say I prefer this shade to the Chanel. As per usual this is two coats, application was decent but again the brush strokes were evident which can't be helped when it comes to metallics and shimmers.

For just £1.00 this polish really isn't bad, What do you think of MUA Shade 10?


  1. I think I nearly picked this up today but changed my mind at the last minute! Such a beautiful pearl finish, I wish I hadn't rethought my decision!



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