Tuesday 12 June 2012

When I'm Feeling Blue - Gorgeous Jewellery From An Amazing Lady

I have to be honest and say that being ill sucks big time, but the one positive of my various illnesses is the amazing people that I've met and talked to on the internet. Talking to people who have similar problems can be a real tonic on my worst days.Through the magically world of twitter I got talking to a lovely lady and my birthday twin Leigh. Despite her health problems Leigh takes the most amazing photographs and makes the most amazing pieces of Jewellery, which she sells under the banner FidgityDigit.

Leigh makes her jewellery from a wide variety of semi precsious stones, charms, and silver tone / silver plated, and antique silver tone chains and findings. She's even looking to incorporate sterling silver chains into her jewellery pieces. She also makes a range of jewellery items such as phone charms and bag charms featuring angels and ducks where a proportion of the profits is donated to Fibroduck Fibromyalgia research. Not only that but Leigh is also attuned to level 1 in Reiki and will be continuing her studies to reach level 2 throughout this year. This means that her pieces can be Reiki charged on request for customers who are interested in healing aspect of the stones used in her pieces.

A little while ago Leigh held a giveaway on her facebook and twitter pages to win a custom made piece of jewellery- well I was one of the lucky winners, the gemstone choices and decision on what type of piece I wanted I have to admit took a few days but I eventually decided on a bracelet made from some sort of blue stone.

After a week or so I received a gorgeous parcel through the post packaged in chiffon bag, and wrapped in tissue paper was this beautiful charm bracelet

The bracelet features a round blue goldstone (also known as blue sandstone) and blue sodalite beads on a silver tone chain with small silver tone spoons (click here to learn more about the relevance of the spoons and spoonies) and a small ribbon charm on the end which has the word Hope embossed on it.

My bracelet was Reiki charged and came with a little card telling me that it had be programmed for healing, warmth, clarity and pain relief - things that I definitely need at the moment

I am so happy with my bracelet and I'm really grateful to Leigh for the time, and work that went in to it. I haven't been asked to write this post but I thought that more people need to know about this ladies work. There are a few ready made pieces on her etsy, website and folksy store but she also takes commissions via her facebook page to suit your needs and your budget. Some of her pieces may be similar but no two pieces will ever be the same due to her use of natural materials. If your looking for a unusual, one off gift or even if you want to help a great cause I would definitely recommend you check FidgityDigit out. If you have any questions as per usual please leave me a comment xx


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review xxxx

  2. Aw it's my pleasure I really love thank you so much xxxx


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