Friday 29 June 2012

Smoking It Up With GOSH

One of the hardest things to do make up wise has to be the smokey eye. Do it right and it looks amazing, do it wrong and you can look as though somebody has punched you in the face.

I have to admit I avoid doing smokey eyes where at all possible I'm pretty simple, ok I'm lazy when it comes to eye make up, one or two colours maximum is about the best that I can manage on a daily basis. This year I've decided to step out of my comfort zone and be a bit braver when it comes to my make up, as well as experimenting with brighter lips, I've also being having a play with using 3 or more shades on my eyes.

If your still a bit scared of using more than one colour on your eyes, the fabulous people at GOSH have came up with a solution. Earlier this year they introduced 3 fabulous eyeshadow quads each designed to help you create the perfect smokey eye.

I was kindly sent two of the Smokey Eyes Palettes in 01 Black and 02 Brown.

Packaged in a clear and black magnet closure compact both of the quads come complete with a clear acetate insert which numbers the shadows, and gives you a diagram of exactly where to put each colour in order to achieve the perfect smokey eye.

The black palette (01) helps you to create the more traditional dark grey, smokey eye. It contains four shades -a white, a pale grey, a slightly darker grey, and an almost black shade.

The colours have a satin finish, with only minimal shimmer in the paler shades. They are very soft and very pigmented.

I had a little play with the shades, and did an eyeshadow look "loosely" following the diagram. The pictures aren't the best thanks to the fabulous weather at moment (check out my You Tube video from yesterday !) but hopefully you'll get the idea :)

I was also sent Smokey Eyes Palette 02 Brown. Whilst not as traditional as the black, I personally favour a more natural look smokey eye, using browns, taupes and nudes. This palette again contains 4 shades - a pale creamy beige with a tiny bit of shimmer, a more of a golden beige again with a slight shimmer, a light brown and finally a rich dark chocolate brown.

Again the shades feel silky soft, and again the pigmentation is superb

Like with the first palette I've done a few eye shots for you - the bad lighting though means that the colours aren't as obvious as they are in real life

I have to say I really like these palettes, the quality is superb and if your new to make up or you want to experiment with something a bit different these are ideal. Yes they are a little bit more expensive than some of the other neutral palettes on the market but the numbered guide and diagram is really useful if you've ever suffered from the where do I put which colour dilemma that we often get with smokey eyes. Gosh Smokey Eyes Palettes come in 3 shades, 01 Black, 02 Brown, and 03 Plum (plum and lilac tones) and retail for £7.99 each from Superdrug. What do you think of these palettes, and do you have any tips on how to do the perfect smokey eye? leave me a comment and let me know xx

(GOSH Smokey Eyes Palettes 01 Black and 02 Brown Were Provided By PR For Review Purposes)


  1. i love the look you achieved i might try the plum one x

  2. These are fab! So lovely that they sent them to you too! Would you check out my giveaway?!


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