Monday 11 June 2012

Sunshine and Sea Breeze - I Wish ! - Nails Of The Day

As you know I am  a huge fan of Avon nail polishes, so I was delighted to receive 2 of the new Nailwear Pro + colours from Mummy Lou for my birthday. This range of 13 colours promises a better formulation and up to 12 days wear. I haven't had the chance to test out that claim yet but I thought I'd show you one of the colours that I received.

Sea Breeze is one of those gorgeous mint green, aqua shades that I love. It doesn't remind me of the sea but it screams summer to me, which is a lot more than the weather is doing at the moment hmm. The brush seems a tiny bit wider then on the normal Nailwear Pro polishes but that's the only visual difference so far. I have to say coats one and two of this polish were pretty streaky, for me it definitely needed a third coat for full coverage.

As I say I love colours like this and this one is no exception - in fact when I've compared it, it's nearly a dupe of Essie - Mint Candy Apple - what's not to love? What do you think of Sea Breeze?  let me know in the comments and I'll see you tomorrow with a post on more pretty things for a good cause xx

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  1. I love this colour. I have the original Pro version where its called Aqua Fantasy. Which I think is a better name, as Sea is really blue, and this is definitely green.


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