Tuesday 5 June 2012

In The Pink With Paint For Life And Beauty UK

If your a longtime reader of LouLouLand you'll already know that I'm a huge lover of nail polish and that I'm also a huge lover of budget and drugstore cosmetics, one brand that combines these 2 factors perfectly is Beauty UK. As well as budget friendly eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushers this super brand also produces a myriad of nail polish colours. Whilst pursuing the aisles of Superdrug last month I can across a new offering to the Beauty UK stable - the Paint For Life trio.

I'd already received some information regarding this trio so I purchased it with some funds that Mummy Lou had provided ;) This trio of nail polishes all came about thanks to a fellow blogger. Last year Beauty UK launched a competition to name a new nail colour. 

Well the winner Sam Hay came up with the suggestion of a range of pink nail polishes designed and named with the aim of supporting cancer research (click the screen shot to enlarge) . Beauty UK loved the idea and went on to develop the Paint For Life trio. This trio of pink nail polishes retails for £5.99 and £1.00 from every purchase will go towards breast cancer research. This is the biggest charity partnership to date that Beauty UK have been involved in and they are committed to donating at least £50,000 to Cancer Research over a 12 month period.

Each of the three nail polishes in the collection feature the breast cancer care ribbon on the bottle and they have all been given inspirational names - from left to right Love, Strength and Hope

The three colours cover the full spectrum of pinks from the palest almost French manicure pink to a hot, cerise. I've done a few nails shits for you just so you can see how fabulous the quality is - first up Love

This is a proper bubblegum pink shade, it has a lovely creamy texture and a nice finish. This is two coats x Next up Strength

This is a hot cerise pink, ideal for summer. Again this is two coats x Finally Hope

This was the colour that I was most apprehensive about if I'm honest shades like this don't always look that great on my skin tone and application isn't always the best. This one though was different the colour wasn't too bad there was just enough pink in it to make wearable. The streaking wasn't too bad but you still needed at least two coats for a perfect finish x

I have to say I think this kit is great value for money, all the shades are decent quality and they are very wearable no matter what your age. I can definitely see myself picking another one of these kits as a gift. The Paint For Life trios are available from Superdrug stores or from the Beauty UK website for £5.99 till at least October. For more information on Paint For Life please click here and please also check them out on Facebook and on Twitter to find out more about the campaign. I'd also really appreciate it if you could take a little look at Cancer Research UK to you see why your donation is so important x Will you be picking up the Paint For Life Trio?


  1. Hi, love your blog, I've just recently stumbled across it and have been reading through from the beginning. I reached this page today and it has the best typo ever!! See if you can spot it! It made my day, and Lord knows I could do with cheering up as I have a stinking cold :-)

    1. OMG LOL This post is 5 years old and you are the first person to notice it I was obviously oblivious - whoops me bad haha I'm pleased I made you smile at least x Thanks for reading and I hope you feel better soon xx


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