Saturday 10 April 2010

Yummy Pudding

I made a lovely veggie chilli for dinner with soya mince and quorn bacon pieces but we fancied something sweet after it so I made this Luscious Lemon Pud! It was my first attempt at a microwave sponge pudding and I even managed to turn it out
You can find the recipe here - It uses Juvela White Mix which is a type of gluten free flour mix but I am sure you could just replace it with normal gluten free or normal wheat flour


  1. Ooh Lou that looks delish! damn you for being at the other end of the country :) x

  2. OMG that looks good - next time you make one can I come round :)

  3. Ooh wow, i've never attempted to make anything in the microwave, except microwavable meals of course :P

  4. Looks yummy :)
    I sometimes I make egg free cakes, don't know whether you've tried them or not but they taste yummy x


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