Tuesday 6 April 2010

NOTD - Models Own - Nude Beige - Redone!

I am currently working my way through a large batch of new and relatively new polishes for my nails of the day posts - This one was from the Models Own order that I placed a month or so ago and it's the popular shade Nude Beige NP075

The name says it all really it's one of those almost mannequin hands shades. It's a proper beige, creamy coffee colour that looks stunning no matter what your age or how long your nails are x

I used two coats here as you often find with a white based, cream formula, one looked a tiny bit streaky, As per usual I'm not using a top coat but bar improving the wear time a little bit I don't think any top coat on the planet could improve the glossy finish of this polish.

I think shades like this, and Nails Inc's Porchester Square and Leighton Denny's Supermodel, are just so versatile - They can look really sophisticated and classic, say with a dress or with a business suit, but at the same time they can also look amazing with jeans and a white t-shirt. Are you a fan of nude or beige nails? Let me know in the comments x


  1. Ooooer that is rather nice, everyone is so obsessed with models own at the moment, can you only order it online?

  2. I love this - it is onie of my favourite Models Own shades. Looks fabulous and is perfect for the nude trend. I haven't seen anyone it looks bad on, actually.

    Pleased for you about Newcastle! My boyfriend is over the moon as well!

  3. Ooh that's lovely! Reminds me of OPI Tickle My France-y which I love! x

  4. oo love this. It's kind of a malt coffee colour. Really soft.

    Lovely lovely.

    Fee xx

  5. @RocksandReBels - I think so I am sure Urban Outfitters used to stock it a while ago but the Models Own website and ASOS are the only places I know now
    @Helen - yeah a black and white given where his family live I thought he would be of the refd and white persuasion :) It's so pretty what surprises me is the wide variety of nudes arounds at the moment I have another 4 to post lol
    @TPR - Oh I don't have that one - I've just got over the Taupe which is nice
    @Fee - Thanks its a really nice colour :)


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