Saturday 3 April 2010

Evian Brumisateur Review


I was recently contacted by a PR company asking me if I would like to try the new look Evian Brumisateur spray - loving facial sprays (MAC Fix +, Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic) as I do of course I agreed.
I very much doubt that anybody who regularly reads the beauty pages or make up articles hasn't heard of this product,regularly promoted as a make up artist secret or must have, this really is a multi use product.
Described by Evian as "a perfect skin pick-me-up" the product is "100% natural, mineral balanced and with a neutral PH" identical to Evian Natural Mineral Water" OK essentially it is mineral enriched water but why is that good? Well our skin needs moisture ie. water! not only for cooling and refreshing purposes but also for hydration purposes. Evian claim using this spray especially before moisturising can "increase skin hydration by 14%"
So as well as toner which in essence what you would use it for in this case what else can you use it for? well I also as they suggest found it super useful for general cooling and refreshing purposes.
The superfine, aerosol spray is extremely cooling and refreshing and it feels lovely on your skin. I not only used it on my face but also on the rest of my body. This was particularly useful for me during the night when I get hot and itchy skin due to my medication - it really made a difference and made me feel a lot cooler and more relaxed. I think this spray will be a real must have during the summer months or for holidays, I think it would make a lovely cooling, refresher for parched skin and I also think the 50ml size would be an in flight essential, to help keep you skin cool and hydrated in the pressurised aircraft environment.
I also used the Evian Brumisateur in my everyday make up routine - because of the superfine spray I also used it successfully instead of MAC Fix + to set or refresh my make up. Perhaps the cleverest use for this though was to foil my eye shadow - normally I would use fix plus or tap water to apply my shadow wet but I sprayed a little bit of the Evian spray onto my brush and then applied my eyeshadow for the last FOTD that I did (previous post ;) - this spray is a nice natural alternative to some of the fixers you can get and it worked pretty well - here are my eyes with just MAC Sumptuous Olive dampened with the the Evian Brumisateur spray
you can see the difference that the spray makes with these swatches -MAC Sumptuous Olive L-R - Dry, Mixed with Evian Brumisateur Spray
You can see that the colour and texture is intensified by the spray and generally dampening the colour
So what do I think well I have to say that I really like this product I've found it super useful in lots of different areas of my beauty routines and life in general, and I think that its usefulness will only increase as the weather gets warmer (fingers crossed for a nice summer everyone). OK it is technically water but the pressurised container and the superfine spray , not only means that it's super cooling and refreshing but its also secure and won't spill like a lot of spray bottles will. Would I buy this again - YES - I am planning on picking another one up asap since I've nearly finished the one I was sent - I think this will be a real handbag essential for me :) The Evian Brumisateur is available nationwide -for stockists information please call 01622 859898 - the 50ml spray retails for £3.50, the 150ml for £6.95, and the 300ml for £8.95. If you have any questions please ask x
(I know it obvious but I was sent this product for review purposes I haven't been paid or compensated in any other way for writing this post - this is purely my opinion - your may be different)


  1. Ooooh that looks really interesting!! Where do you think will sell it?x

    Also have you seen the new Boots No 7 cleanse n polish esque thingy? It looks cool. I want to try that as well!!

  2. I think I've seen it in Boots and Superdrug :)
    Is that the Soap & Glory one or the No 7 one?


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