Tuesday 13 April 2010

Goods and Bads

I haven't done one of these for a week or so, so I thought I'd do a catch up x


* I have had a really rough couple of weeks ME wise I've been so tired, I've had horrible spells of insomnia and I just haven't felt that great - I am also so fed up of being stuck in the house at the the moment :( I went to see my ME /CFS therapist a couple of weeks ago which was the first proper time I had been out of the house and on public transport on my own for ages and it made me feel "normal" - a feeling I totally lack at the moment :(

* My weight I have officially porked again putting on the weight I've lost and some more besides - looking at myself in the mirror lately isn't great - I have restarted my healthy eating plan (I am so over diets I need to change my attitude to food permanently - I diet but the weight always goes back on :() this week and I am going to try and do a little bit of exercise everyday even if it's just a 5 minute walk each day or a few minutes Wii bowling

* Royal Mail - I am waiting for a few parcels that I have just about given up on - they can deliver tiny things but anything bigger just isn't getting through at the moment :(

* My skin argh - it's gone from dry and flaky to hormonal breakout central - I'm using something which is helping a bit but I really want to be able to go out in public without make up for a change :(


* My mum is doing really well after her operation - she is recovering well, is in less pain, and has much increased mobility - she even managed a little walk last week :)

* My lovely mum has offered to give me some money to go to the Metro Centre this week to get me out of the house and to buy me some bits to cheer me up and some bits to go towards my birthday present (she won't be able to drive or go anywhere for at least another month )I am really hoping I am well enough to go I am aiming to go on Thursday so I am going to get as much rest as I can over the next couple of days :)

* Rediscovering make up - I have been doing a huge sort out of my make up over the last week or so and I have discovered so many lovely things that I haven't shown enough love to - it's like getting new things :)

* Trimming my stash - so far this month I am doing really well I am really making headway into my stash of half and 3/4 used products (this is why I manage to finish so much stuff I have so much half and 3/4 used products - I open something use it for so long then move on to something else lol)

* Nail Varnish - you may have noticed an increase in my NOTD posts well I have rediscovered nail varnish in a big way - due to operation nail growth my nails are actually growing and I have something to paint again - I am having great fun digging out colours from my collection - I think I am slowly going to work my way through everything I've got lol


  1. Glad to hear your mum's doing better, that's great news.
    Hope you're well enough to get to the shops too.
    I will get around to doing that rediscovered products vid tag too xxx

  2. Glad your mam is doing so well, great news x

    Hmm know what you mean re feeling normal, I get like that sometimes, anxiety etc stuck in house some days, so know where you're coming from hun. If you ever want a chat you know where I am x

  3. I hope your ME improves a bit soon, a friend of mine has it and it's awful :(

  4. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling bad, i hope you get better soon. My girlfriend has ME though thankfully it's in remission so i understand about the condition.
    But it's good your Mum is feeling better and you have lots of otherr goos things that might be able to cheer you up. x


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