Tuesday 20 April 2010

Goods and Bads

More bads than goods today unfortunately


* My mum is much better she has a hospital appointment on Thursday but things are going well she can lie on her side again :)
* Jake seems a lot better today as well - after being poorly all day yesterday he has been eating normally today and is a lot more lively - he's even fighting with Tallulah :)
* MAC Snob lipstick - I got this from Back 2 MAC yesterday and I love it :)
* Champions - Newcastle United secured the Championship, Championship yesterday :)
* I managed to lose 2 lbs last week :)


* Today would have been my dads birthday so I'm feeling a bit sad - Happy Birthday Daddy xxx
* My health has gone to pot again - my trip to the Metro Centre not only exhausted the hell out of me and I've had stomach pains all day yesterday :(
* My skin is beyond yuck at the moment whiteheads, open pores - yuck, yuck
* Hair removal - the weather has been a bit nicer so the hair removal ritual has started again - I couldn't be bothered to wax so I used hair removal cream and the hair is growing back already grrrrr
* Although I've just said the weather is nicer -today is freezing!!!!
* I have two parcels that have been sent me - neither have arrived - so peeed off with Royal Mail / Parcelforce or whoever :(
* Politics sick to death of it at the moment - and the BNP leaflet that came this morning has just pissed me off even more
* Everywhere is so untidy at the moment and I don't have the energy to tidy up :(


  1. Gahhh i hate hair removal time, if i could have one beauty wihs it would be to rind me of any body hair xx

  2. Happy birthday to your dad, Lou. Glad your mum and Jake are feeling better x

  3. I was so annoyed that i had to start removing hair again, i just cant be bothered!
    Glad to hear your Mum is feeling better though and well done on the weight loss!
    Last time we got a BNP leaflet through the door we were in at the time. My mum ran down the street after the guy who put it through the door and forced him to take it back :P


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