Monday 5 April 2010

Back To The Promised Land

It's been ages since I've written a football post but today is the day - my beloved Newcastle United have secured promotion back to the Premier League tonight - I was gutted last May when we got relegated but after a turbulent year we're back in the Premier League - Hello Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal and Bye Bye Sheffield United Coventry, and Middlesbrough :)

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  1. LOL My bf is a huuuuge football fan too! I'm learning all about any team in the world ;) He loves the UK championship and knows every little team you guys have in the smallest leagues ever ahah :S

    I'll ask him if he likes Newcastle, but I'm sure he does. He hates Man Utd ;)

  2. lol living where I do you have little choice its like a religion up here - I've fell a little out of love with it the last year or so but this is just what I need to reignite my interest :)

  3. and whats wrong with Coventry?!?!
    cheers for taking Leon Best off our hands btw!

  4. Woohoo! that's awesome news. The table's not looked right since they went down. I'm moving to Stratford with Bartimaeus soon and West Ham is 5 minutes away, we've chosen to support it as our second team (my first is Chelsea and his is Arsenal) so are quite worried now!

  5. And "Bye bye coventry" is something we all wish we could say ;)

  6. @essjayarr - there is nothing wrong with COventry my lovely but you know what I mean ;) Leon Best has been ok for us actually hasn't played that much tho x
    @TPR -It certainly hasn't I think WH should have enough to stay up providing their owners stay out of it lol - Upton Park was my first ever away trip - bloody nightmare no thanks to the Met!!
    @Methadone Pretty - LOL it's not that bad


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