Monday 22 March 2010

Operation Nail Growth 2 Week Update

OK so I promised you an update on operation nail growth after 2 weeks - this month I am trialling the Pro Strong nail system and I have to say so far so good.
My nails have definitely grown as you can see specifically by my left thumbnail
Two weeks ago
Here are some more pics I took today if you check back at my post at the start of the pro strong trial there is a bit of a difference so far (click here to see it)
My cuticles still aren't great so I am going to go back to the Jessica nail oil which I will be using alongside the Pro Strong cuticle products. All in all so far so good - my hands have been in and out of water and I've been doing a lot more housework so they've taken a bit of a battering and I've still seen results - I'll update you in two weeks with more details on the range and my one month results :)


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