Monday 1 March 2010

Good and Bads

Thought I'd start a new week and a new month by doing a good and bad post :)


* My mum - I love my mum so much - she popped to Aldi today and bought me some Lacura skincare backups which was so sweet of her and she ordered me some bits from the MAC Spring Color Forecast collection including one of the pigment stacks which I hinted about but didn't ask for - I don't know what I would do without her
* I purchased quite a few bits last week and three in particular are really standing out and I'm really loving - reviews to come
* February is over so I can hopefully get back on track with my spending diet feeling positive that I can stay wrong
* You lovely people - huge thanks to my followers new and old - I really appreciate your support and nice comments - I was really nervous about posting FOTD's - having being bullied and teased all my life for my facial palsy but you lovely girls have been so nice -It's made me finally feel comfortable with myself - thank you cx


* The heating has gone off again argh - it isn't clicking in for some reason and the house is freezing - someone from the insurance is supposed to ring us back later - fingers crossed they hurry up
* My mums operation is hopefully on Saturday - she has had most for her pre-op tests and just has to have some bloods taken in Thursday - she is understandably a bit stressed and as a result so am I :(
* Probably because of the above I have put a pound back on - I am disappointed but not surprised but I am not going to beat myself up over it and I'm going to try harder this week


  1. your mom is lovely!!!!

    awww Lou you're such a lovely person, and you deserve all the love your followers give you! Keep posting fotd, I love them!

    I'm sorry to hear people have been harsh on you in the past (woah, they must have been a bunch of idiots, honestly), but this blogging community is all about love and appreciation towards each other, so I'm very happy that helps!

  2. I'm so excited about Spring Forecast, can't wait to see what bits you've got!
    Try not to worry too much about your Mum, I know it's hard but I read on FBaggers that she's had a similar op before? Keep us updated, fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

    Oh and don't worry about the 1lb, it'll probably drop off once you're Mum's back home after her op!


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