Tuesday 16 March 2010

Goods and Bads


*My mum is out of hospital - she is still having visits from the community nurse and is still on a lot of painkillers but she is home - I am now playing nurses lol
*I am making her a lovely meal tonight including a mushroom stroganoff, and a banoffee, pecan, chocolate cheesecake
*I've bought some lovely goodies recently - pics etc. to come and of course Gaga to come :)
*I've just found out I've won the entire Sleek I Divine palette collection on a facebook competition - I have quite a few of them already so I will more than likely be holding a giveaway in the near future to thank all you lovely people for being so wonderful and supportive especially over the past week :)


*Am absolutely exhausted at the moment - the combination of lack of sleep, more physical work and getting up too early is really wearing me out :(
*Spending I have spent way too much money lately :(
*A bit of a trivial one but I am so behind on blog posts and yt vids argh


  1. Hope your mum gets better soon!!
    im sure you're being a wonderful nurse!!

    cant wait for my gaga to come! :D yay!

    WOW lucky you with the sleek pallettes! I love mine!


    Sj xx

  2. sounds like the goods outweigh the bads then
    hope your mum feels better soon, that meal sounds lovely

  3. Well done! You must have been super quick on facebook x

  4. Glad your Mum's doing ok dear! =)


  5. That meal sounds delicious! Hope your mum heals quickly and you regain some of your energy.


  6. I'm glad your mums home xxx And well done on winning the comp too! xx


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