Wednesday 10 March 2010

A New Home and Looking Forward

Apologies that my blog has been AWOL for a few hours - but I've eventually taken the plunge and bought my own domain - Of course I wanted a ( was already taken :( )so I had to step outside the comfort zone of what blogger and google had to offer and hunt myself out a domain -After a bit of utter confusion and lots of verbal what have I done bashing I've eventually got it sorted if you follow me via blogger you needn't do a thing they will redirect you to my new site automatically :) but if you would like to please feel free to add me to your favourites LouLouLand .I decided to get my own custom domain for a few reasons but the main one is because of what blogging means to me now. I started a few years ago doing it because a few friends did it, talking about this and that but after a bit of a barren spell in the last two years blogging really has become a major part of my life. My ME has worsened and to be honest I can't get out much or do 'normal' things as often as I would like so my blog has in some senses become a link to the real world - I can indulge in my passions and maybe even escape from reality for a while. A lot of people have asked my why I don't talk about my ME much, well not only would it be a bit depressing and a bit boring for you to read, it's also something that I get sick of talking about and living with - in real life my ME defines me in everything I do or indeed don't or can't do , on my blog I can be normal and play with make up :) Blogging and the Internet in general has been one of the few things that has kept me sane these past 4 years and I don't know what I would have done without it. What the future holds for me I don't know - I will get better I know that for certain but whatever happens I am going to keep blogging - a new phenomenon maybe but I for for one hope to keep it going for sometime to come - Thanks for all your support over the last year or so I've really appreciated it and I hope you'll stick with me in my new home xx


  1. I will surely stick with you, whatever your domain is :)

  2. Wayhey, good news on the new domain. I hope you're very happy with your new home.
    Of course we'll all stick with you! x

  3. thanks so much girls it's still a bit dodgy at the moment there saying another 24 hours to sort itself out eek so if I disappear you'll know why xxx


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