Wednesday 10 March 2010

Tesco Goodies

Despite feeling like pooh on Tuesday morning I had to drag my weary little self to the post office to post some ebays and to Tesco - thankfully my mum left me some money for shopping and the like so I picked up a few things to cheer me up including some magazine and lots of chocolate which sadly has now all gone - speaking of chocolate I did get this

yes I know I am way to old for her but this plastic Hello Kitty head did come with a little chocolate egg inside ;)

I also got this - the small village next to my tiny village has a Rimmel counter in Tesco and a Rimmel counter in the chemists - for a small place I am Rimmeled out - why don't Tesco sell their own make up range or Maybelline or something ? Anyway back on topic whilst I was picking up some essentials in the toiletry aisle i.e cotton wool I noticed the Rimmel stand had a few product offers on. One was for the new Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation was was only £6.99 instead of £8.99 I recently read a good review of this from the lovely Beauty and the Blog so I thought I'd give it ago :) I picked up the shade 100 Ivory which I think is the palest although there didn't appear to be much difference between that and True Ivory which is 103
People you seriously have to stop my buying foundation I have bought so many lately, there seem to have been so many new releases and I've just wanted to try everything lol I will of course let you know what I think of it in due course I have about 4 to try first though lol - never mind my review of Bourjois Healthy Mix should be up by the end of the week so that will be one down I'll be back later with a MAC haul ;)

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