Monday 22 March 2010

New Dresses :)

I ordered a few dresses last week and they came over the weekend :)
First of all I got this one from QVC of all places by a designer called Tiana B

It's a little more turquoise irl but I love it - it's one of these easy throw on dresses that will be great with bare legs and flips flops or even with black tights or leggings :)

I also got this one from a mail order company called Bon Prix - I hadn't heard of them until I got a catalogue through the post and I fell in love with this maxi dress - it was less than £15 faints
You can't see in this pic but it isn't a bandeau it's actually has adjustable tie, shoestring straps - so pretty I really like the idea of the yellow version too - lets just hope we get a nice summer so I can wear it :)

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