Saturday 6 March 2010

Lacura Face Care Balancing Day Cream Review

One of the most difficult areas for me and my skincare routine has always been moisturiser - I've found my holy grail cleansers and toners but the search for a holy grail moisturiser has been harder. My skin is typically classed as combination with more oily tendencies than dry ones - I've large, open pores and even at the age of 31 I am still probe to breakouts - as a result I have always had problems finding a moisturiser I truly love. I find the majority of facial moisturisers I've tried too heavy, too oily, or too sticky. Worse than that though if they are oil free ones or are made specifically for oily skin I often find they don't give me the amount of moisture that I need (there is a difference between oil and moisture - skins with oily tendencies still need moisture. SO my search has gone on - up until the middle of last year I used the Liz Earle Skin Repair - Light or Normal / Combination - I liked it - my skin felt soft, it didn't break me out but I don't know what it was, it just still wasn't the one. Then last year I got a kit from Elemis containing their Pro Collagen Marine Cream - to be honest this is the closest I have ever found to my holy grail. Billed as an anti- ageing product - this has the most gorgeous cream gel texture that sinks in quickly and leaves your skin super soft, moisturised and matte - the only problem is its upwards of £40 - I don't have a problem with spending money on skincare of it works and find the cheapest way of buying it is via special offer kits on QVC but I still fancied a cheaper option especially since I've been using the Pro Collagen for a day and night cream. So when I popped into Aldi last month I picked up one of their moisturisers to try. I have heard so many good things about their anti-ageing creams but the one I picked up was the Lacura Face Care Balancing Day Cream.
Specifically for oily combination skin this product contains a specially derived extract from the avocado plant which helps to balance combination and oily skin. Like the Elemis Pro Collagen this product has a lovely light but moisturising cream gel texture, which feels refreshing and cooling on the skin, but absorbs easily and leaves skin soft but not sticky, and with a matte, non greasy finish.
So huge thumbs up so far - so what else do I like about it - well the smell is amazing - think a combination of The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach, and Dewberry and your about there - it has a gorgeous fresh fruity scent, that lingers for a little while on your skin.
I also love the packaging it comes in a 50ml airtight, pump action dispenser, my only complaint is that you don't need a full pump - a full pump actually dispenses way more product that you need (a little seems to go a long way)and it's actually quite tricky just to get half a pump.
It also doesn't contain an SPF but the majority of make up I wear does so it's not real problem especially when you consider the price £1.99 for 50ml you really can't argue with that - would I repurchase - yes I've already got a back up as I know I won't get to Aldi for a while - Don't get me wrong I still love my Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream but this is a really good option if your on a budget. You can buy this in any Aldi store for more information check out their website
If you have any questions on either this product or any of the other two moisturisers I've mentioned please leave a comment or contact me via the e-mail address in my side bar x
(Just to add I bought, or my mum bought me all the products mentioned in this post, this review is purely my own opinion as per usual yours may be different x)

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