Monday 17 August 2009

Thanks Yinka and An Update

I received my Sleek Curious Palette today from the lovely Yinka aka Vex In The City - huge thanks honey I am loving it especially as predicted the aubergine colour. I am not going to do any swatches as there are already so many on various beauty blogs but this is a lovely palette and the colours are so pigmented.

Today was my weigh in day too and although I haven't lost any weight this week I have managed to stabilise it which has too be a good sign - I have just over four weeks to try and lose at least another half a stone before my hols - wish me luck x

Oh - I also want to take this opportunity to thank you to my new followers and everyone who has subbed or watched my videos on You Tube - I really appreciate your support and remember I am holding another giveaway at 100 followers ;)

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with some reviews and pics of my latest ELF order and coming soon I may have popped my Illamasqua cherry :)


  1. THis palette is lovely!!!!

    I can't wait for the site to be up and running, at least I could get hold of the Storm palette, which is what I'm craving for (as long as this Curious palette and some other products by Sleek. My new fave).

    I'm envious of your British brands ehehehe

  2. Hi hunny. That palette looks so gorgeous.

  3. Yinka is so awesome.

    Palette looks amazing! I want all the Sleek palettes. Wish they were here in Canada.

    I have Safari only at this point.

  4. I still want Storm too it looks lovely - most of my day to day colours are in that one - we do have some fab drug store brands I can't believe I ignored drug store brands for so long

  5. There are many places in the world I love (England is one of them...I just love it!), but right now, in the summer...that little prestine, not overly frequented beach is where I wanna be.

    You should come to Sardinia...Ryanair flights from Liverpool over here.

  6. Yinka is the best, I caved on Sunday and bought this one - said I wasn't gonna, but that usually means very little!


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