Wednesday 5 August 2009

Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel*

I was lucky enough to recently to be sent a few Anatomicals products to try from the lovely people at  Fragrance Direct. and one of the products that I was sent was the No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel

Anatomicals say

"if you've ever been standing by the luggage carousel when a charter flight's just come in, you 'll have seen plenty of unattractive bags. but none more unsightly than those caused by too many late nights spent partying. because there's only so long you can hide behind dark glasses for, we've introduced ' no old bags allowed'. this refreshing gel with arnica and orange flower water will soon help diminish those trunks under your eyes. once again leaving you with an appearance that belies the date on your birth certificate."

I love their whole philosophy and humour which is illustrated perfectly here in their description of this product and by the products name:)They claim that this product is perfect for puffy eyes, and for eye bags.

What I Think

This product comes is a 15ml squeezy tube. The product is easy to dispense and comes out as a lovely clear gel. It has a lovely slight fruity smell (down to the orange flower water?). I applied the product by gently patting it underneath my eyes. Whilst I don't really have a problem with dark circles or bags, I have been sleeping quite badly lately which has lead to a bit of puffiness under my eyes especially in the morning, whilst I didn't physically see any major difference (as I say my eyes aren't too bad) the product certainly improved the feeling of my eyes - it felt lovely and cooling, possibly down to the arnica and witch hazel both of which are well know for their cooling, soothing and refreshing properties. I found it absorbed easily and there was no problem applying make up over the top of it, and I even found you could apply it on top of make up for a boost during the day. I would definitely buy this product again -It costs as little as £4 which is really good as you need so little and it certainly made my eyes feel fresher and less tired without any irritation.

Where Can I Get It

This item can by bought direct from Anatomicals stockists including ASOS and of course Fragrance Direct

Any questions please let me know xxx

*Press Sample


  1. How do you get sent things?! im so jelous! xoxoxo

  2. LOL I don't know really I just got sent an email from their pr department

  3. sorry honey, I was going to the beach and I didn't have time to reply your last message. anyways, I'm so sad I can't get my hands on the Curious palette....I bet it's awesome...

    Also I would love to try seems such a nice brand!

  4. Be careful with that stuff. I used it sparingly for a week and it gave me millia- not a happy bunny.

  5. @Mooooog - oh thanks for the warning hoey - touch wood nothing so far although I have had problems with eye creams before

    @Lyd - no probs honey - I need the Curious palette lol

  6. Sounds good so far Lou, i've useda couple of Anatomicals prouducts and like them, would quite like to try the haircare products. x

  7. Yeah they sound really nice I am sure Peachykeen Cheeks reviewed some of them a few days ago. I love the sound of the rose shower gel :)

  8. @Mooooog - I meant honey lol


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