Monday 24 August 2009

Happiness Is...

I haven't done one of these posts for ages - Plenty of stuff has made me happy over the last few months but I am prone to major periods of self doubt and even self hatred which builds up inside me and often makes even the happiest thing seem negative. Anyways it all came to a head yesterday (not necessarily in a good way though) and today I feel relatively calm again so I am going to do one of my famous happiness is posts :)

1)A New Family Member - after nearly 9 and a half months my cousin Suzanne finally gave birth in the early hours of this morning to a little boy Sonny - I am so pleased everything went well - I know she was so fed up especially as the 9 month date passed by

2)Weight Loss - Although its not as much as I would have liked I have managed to drop another pound this week

3)Potential Make Up Swaps - I am potentially going to be doing a couple of make up swaps with some lovely fellow bloggers over the next few months - so so excited about this :)

4)Shopping - I am going shopping for a couple of hours tomorrow - so, so excited about this - because of my ME I don't do shopping malls that often and when I do I really look forward to it. I don't want much really just a few bits for my holidays and my mums birthday pressie, but I have some spends so I should have some much needed fun

5) Holidays - less than a month to go till Cyprus I can't wait - sunshine!!!!

6) You Tube - I've said it previously but I was always quite apprehensive about putting myself out there and making You Tube videos but I am pleased to say so far so peoples responses have been brilliant - my videos may not be the best or the most polished but they are certainly helping me self confidence wise- Thank You x

7)My Followers OMG as it stands I have 99 followers to my blog huge, huge thanks to all of you again I really appreciate your support and your feedback - I will be hosting another giveaway when I reach the magical 100!

8)Lydia - I am so excited I won this lovely lady's blog giveaway of some lovely Italian brand cosmetics I can't wait till my goodies come - thank you honey


  1. thought i would become your 100th follower - yay! Been following your blog for a while now via Google Reader - I love reading about your buys!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Aww yay you have 100 now! You know since I have heard you on you tube now when I read your things, your comments etc I can hear you saying it in my head...does that make sense or am I plain weird?!!

    SO glad its giving you confidence boosts hon.

    <3 xxx

  3. @T - Thank You Sooooooo Much :D

    @GWTGT - LOL I know what you mean I'm the same with everyone that does you tube and blogs - it gives it a voice in all senses of the word - although to be fair my accent is a hard one to miss lol - It sounds so bizarre on tape I only manage to watch the vids once while I am editing them never again lol

  4. awwww honey that's so sweet of you!! <3 I'm gonna send your prize this afternoon or tomorrow morning! :)

  5. I don't know how to edit videos? I only have a camera that has a video function on will that be OK to rcord vids, how do I do the edits etc, like on ur beauty box u put that little message up first?


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