Friday 14 August 2009

FAIL !!!

You may have noticed that my monthly spends for this month (in the side bar ->) has gone way over my £30 limit - eek a combination of unbeatable forum sale bargains (more to come on that one ;))lovely MAC bits and just a general lack of willpower has lead to a bit of a disaster this month. However I am going to brave girl and admit all my failings to you so I am going to 'try' and be careful for the rest of the month, and I am going to continue to keep updating the list so you can see where I have gone wrong :( I am in serious need of some willpower - do you know if you can buy it ;) lol

Oh just again to say a huge thanks to my new followers I really appreciate it and I'm already planning my 100 followers giveaway - huge thanks to you all x


  1. Hi Lou,

    It's Lozenge85 from the forums. Just joined your blog- keep up the good work! I'm going to start my own soon, so watch this space, haha. Those forum sales are hard to resist aren't they, I've just placed my second order! x

  2. Hi Honey - Thanks for following -I know I keep thinking what I've saved rather than what I've spent lol my mum says I would save more if I bought nothing lol - can't wait to see your blog x

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