Thursday 6 August 2009

A Rant - The Beautiful Game

...OK the majority of my posts lately have been about fashion or beauty but one of my true loves as shown in my early posting is or should I say was, football. The major cock ups at my own beloved football club Newcastle United have only contributed to my increased irritation with the so called beautiful game. I am sick to death of hearing about the ridiculous money in the game - a million pounds a week was what one player was allegedly offered while the rest of us struggle on in these financially strapped times. I mean its not as if they deserve it I am sick to death of poor little footballers getting away with shit because of who they are, and then complaining that the fans, press etc. have got it all wrong and they are a nice bloke really. Grr it makes my sick that I have forked upwards of £400 out a season for the last god knows how many years just to be screwed over and to help some spoilt brat buy a new sports car or a race horse. Do these people actually live in the real world! It for that reason amongst others that this year for the first time in a long time I am going to be an armchair football fan and I am going to give up my season ticket, yes I understand the irony here - television and its money has played a huge part in creating the beast so to speak, but that's the way its going to be from now on. The sad fact is this is what is going to happen not only are ordinary fans being priced out of the market, but the average Joe or Joanne public will and are becoming disillusioned with the money side of it and the inability to relate to their heroes on the pitch, their lifestyles and all too often their behaviour. Yes Newcastle United still have a place in my heart but it really pains me to say but maybe the beautiful game isn't quite so beautiful anymore....And breathe...


  1. I know what you mean. I am getting pissed off aswel the way it is all going. Football used to be a working mans sport. Its not these days as so many people are priced out. Like how are people expected to take a family of 4 to the match every home game. You got your match ticket, food, drink, travel etc. All adds up. Your looking at least £120 for that.
    I am an Everton season ticket holder, and have been for 8 years - I used to go every game before that. But I couldnt give up my ticket. When saturday comes, there is no where else I want to be apart from Goodison Park. Its not the same watching on tv. I love the whole atmosphere, being with your own supporters. Hugging and kissing random strnagers when a goal goes in. All the more pleasant if it is a fit bloke. I guess once its in your blood. Your stuck with it ha ha. I have been counting down the days till the prem starts, 8 days... whoo hoo. I hope Newcastle come back up next season. I was suprised Shearer didnt stay as your manager

  2. PS it makes me laugh seeing the likes of steven gerrard in OK magazine. Could you imagine them back in the 80's doing that.

  3. LOL No not really - he is one of the worst in my opinion along with an ex liverpool and newcastle striker - grrrrrrrr. As I say it wasn't the only reason I gave my ticket up this season (health reasons :( ) but jeez I just feel as though I have been had. It certainly wasn't like that in Bobby Robsons day maybe thats why he got the sack from Newcastle - he couldn't relate to the primadonnas? Shearer may come back yet just as soon as we get sold (when is another question :( )

  4. Sir Bobby an abso legend. How Freddie Shepard had the gaul to come out, after his death. Saying how great he was. Er why did you treat him disgustingly then, fred eh!. Sir Bob was a proper footballing gentleman.
    Like you say its totally changed now, from his era, sadly for the worse. No respect or loyalty for the club. Now its all about how much money you can get. Was reading before John Terry paid a 60k bar tab for one night out. I cant get my head around that. How obscence spending 60 thousand on one nights worth of drinking. They really do live in a different world than the rest of us

  5. Its horrible how much money they get paid! they all leave clubs now not because they want to be at that club but for the money! im a united fan(yes you both will probs hate it aha) buttt i have been wearing the kit since i was a baby :) i go to every home match too & its SO expensive! xoxxo


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