Tuesday 11 August 2009

OK I've Gone and Done It

Ok I've done I've posted my first You Tube video just a rambly introduction to my channel I am really nervous about it to be honest -I look argh! (I need my glasses) and sound even sillier. I've zilch self confidence in my appearance down to my facial nerve problems so why I'm doing this to myself I really don't know -maybe to prove something to myself or prove that you don't have to be super dooper looking to go on you tube - hmm well we'll see if I get too much rubbish or haters I'll take it down simple as -Here's the link if you want a peek

My Channel Introduction

Oh I have also found some really interesting videos on facial palsy / paralysis on YT there are some brave people out there I need to be one of them -At least I now have some more info to take to my GP - electro stimulators anyone ;)


  1. Yay! I've subscribed (Sparklestars. I might have to change it to golden touch so people know who I am!!)It is weird 'seeing you'...I don't see many photos of you so I thought your vid was so cute to finally get to see you! & I always somehow forget u are a geordie lass..love the accent!!


  2. Weldone mate. Im pleased to see you have plucked up the courage to do a video. I hope you get the courage now to do some tutorials with all that stuff you have. I realise its probs very daunting. But seriously you have nothing to worry about. Your lovely. Stop being so hard on yourself x

  3. Aw thank you both everyone is being so nice so its really reassuring no doubt I will branch out once I have made a few and got into it a bit - I need to find somewhere with good light etc to film first lol
    @GirlWithTheGoldenTouch - (that takes ages to type lol) I know my user names are all different so it could be confusing lol - I normally love my accent but someone once told me I sounded like Alan Shearer on acid so I am really self conscious of it now - at least I'm keeping it real lol although I think I'll leave out the Wayeye Mans tho :P


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