Wednesday 19 August 2009

Anatomicals Not Another Rough Day Body Moisturiser Review*

Hi Guys x I was recently sent a few Anatomicals products to test  and one of them that I received was the fabulously named "Not Another Rough Day Body Moisturiser"

Anatomicals say

"you know that terrible old canine joke ( it's hardly a joke) where you ask a dog how it's feeling today and it goes: 'ruff'? well, we've gone and ruined a perfectly bad joke because we asked 100 dogs ( from labradors to poodles) how they were feeling and they all replied: 'smooth and beautifully moisturised'. this leads us to believe that the nation's pets are more dextrous than we thought and they've been nicking your tube of our fantastic body moisturiser or you've been pampering your pooch and treating it the way you'd treat yourself. lucky old Princess Tatiana the Third is all we can say. Who calls a Rotweiller that?"

They claim that this fruity fragranced body lotion gives you super smooth skin and keeps dryness at bay

What I Think

First of all I think this product is an absolute bargain at only £3 for a 200ml tube, but its no bargain if it doesn't work. However I think this product does work. Due to the squeezy tube I expected this to be quite a thin lotion but I was wrong - it's quite a substantial cream which surprisingly absorbs quite easily.

Anatomicals say this product has a fruity fragrance and their right it does it has a pleasant fragrance which reminds me of crisp apples?. It's nice, not overly overpowering and it lingers gently on the skin but not so much as to interfere with any fragrance you may be wearing. I did find the product pretty moisturising without any stickiness, but I do have to say this is only my opinion my skin isn't the driest so somebody else may have a different viewpoint. I think this product is pretty good for the price and it is well worth a try especially if you like a nice fruity fragrance. This has definitely made me want to try some more of their body products

Where Can I Get It

This product is available for all good Anatomicals stockists including ASOS and Fragrance Direct.

*Press Sample


  1. Ohh other fab review, thanks hun x

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