Thursday 24 September 2015

Isle Of Wolf Natural Perfumed Candle - Lavender Garden - A Review For My Pure*

The nights are really drawing in now, it getting darker earlier and there is definitely a nip in the air. Although I'm going to keep praying for an Indian summer, I think I'm more likely to need my scarf rather than my sandals!

I burn candles all year round, but there is something about burning a candle when it's dark and cold outside that makes you feel all warm, and cosy. Although I'm normally quite a hot person, I'm really feeling the cold at the moment so I decided to try and warm myself up. at least mentally, with a candle from one of the two brands available at My Pure, Isle Of Wolf.

Isle of Wolf are a family firm that are based in Latvia, on the edge of the Baltic Sea, who make candles in the traditional way. Their candles are made from pure plant waxes, they use lead free cotton wicks, and they're fragranced with only 100% pure essential oils. Their candles are also free from genetically modified ingredients and they are suitable for vegans.

Way back in February I reviewed my first candle from Isle Of Wolf and I have to say I was impressed. The Cinnamon Spice scent I reviewed then, was warm and comforting and whilst I want something comforting, this time I wanted something a bit more relaxing so I went for one of their many floral fragrances, Lavender Garden.

Lavender is one of those fragrances that people often love or hate, and it's easy to see why. When it's artificial and done badly, it's a powdery ,sickly excuse for a scent but when it's done properly, and with good essential oils, it will take you somewhere else, and that's exactly what this candle did.

From the moment that this beautiful ivory, gold, and lilac packaged candle arrived, the scent filled my home. You didn't even need to light it to experience the beautiful fresh, relaxing lavender scent. Yes the lavender dominates and this is most definitely a lavender candle but it also contains geranium, mint and fresh green notes to give it some more depth.

This candle is beautifully presented in a recycled, black glass votive, and it features an attached heat and scratch proof coaster which is a nice touch. This candle looks expensive and the black of the votive contrasts beautifully with the white, creamy wax candle inside.

Like the previous candle, that I tried from the brand, this candle had a clean, easy burn with very little sooting. The scent is strong enough to fill a room but again this one is probably best suited for more intimate fragrancing. For me this is a perfect bedroom candle, the scent is relaxing, and the stylish glass votive, and the quality of the ingredients gives it that sort of boutique, hotel feel.

Candles are available at every price point that you can think of, and whilst these candles from Isle Of Wolf, aren't the cheapest out there, what your getting is an environmentally sound, quality product, that has that a Pinterest worthy, glossy magazine look. These candles also burn for around 40 hours which is pretty impressive for the 190ml size. I've tried two candles from this brand now and I've been impressed with both of them so for me they are well worth the investment and I'll definitely be trying some more fragrances in the future. Isle Of Wold Natural Perfumed Candle in Lavender Garden retails at £20 from My Pure. Are you a fan of lavender? Let me know x


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