Monday 21 September 2015

A Small Shower Haul And A Mini Lush Shower Smoothie Review

It's been nearly four months now since my bathtub was replaced with a wet room, and despite the fact that I'm willing embracing this showering thing, I still miss my bath at times. Showering just doesn't feel as relaxing or as luxurious as wallowing in a bubble bath but I'm having to make the best of it so I decided to pick up a few products to make my showering experience a bit more special.

First up I placed a little Lush order, it was so strange making a Lush purchase without ordering a ballistic but they have plenty of shower products so it was pretty easy to find an alternative. There was no question what the first product would be - The Comforter Shower Cream. This is exactly what I thought it would be - moisturising, full of berry fruits, citrus and shimmer. The smell is amazing and it feels really nice and creamy on the skin.

The second thing that I've got I have to admit didn't wow me at all. I'd tried the Shower Jellies but I'd never tried the Shower Smoothie's before so I decided to try the yummy sounding Blueberry Roulade Shower Smoothie. These are basically solid bars of shower product - they are a softer than soap and the idea is that you massage them over the body, add water and they produce a foam.

Well where do we start, first of all the smell - From the description I expected something fruity and berry like, but this actually had a very strong, floral aroma that I wasn't particularly keen on - It's one of the perils of ordering online I guess that you can't smell something before you buy it! I decided to try it out never the less and I have to say I was even more disappointed - I found it really hard to produce any sort of foam with it and after I'd used it my skin felt really dry and tight :( I'm normally a huge fan of Lush so I'm really hoping that this is a one off. If you've tried any of the other Shower Smoothies I'd love to hear what you think and if you have any recommendations x

This haul has a bit of fruity theme and the next two items that I picked up were some budget buys from Superdrugs own brand.

I think shower foams are one of the best ways to make a shower, a more indulgent and luxurious experience. I love the Imperial Leather ones that I've reviewed and I saw these budget offerings from Superdrug I thought I'd give them a try. There are 4 varieties to choose from and they retail at £1.99 for 150ml can, but they are currently on special at 2 for £3, so I went to two scents Orange and Satsuma, and Strawberry and Raspberry. I'm going to do a full review of these in a week or so, so fingers crossed that they're nice x

The final shower product that I got is something that a lot of bloggers seem to have picked up - the Imperial Leather Mouthwatering Fruit Salad Shower Creme.

I can really see why this one is proving so popular, to me it doesn't smell exactly like the Fruit Salad sweets of my childhood but has a gorgeous sweet, yet tart, fruity scent. It's not the most moisturising product that I've used but the smell certainly make up for it. I'm also thinking of getting the Sherbet Lemon variety so let me know if you've tried it x I got mine from Boots where it's on offer at just £1 for 250ml compared to £1.80 in Superdrug, so get it while you can if your interested

I'm really trying to embrace this whole shower thing so if you have any shower product recommendations I'd love to hear them x


  1. I absolutely love the comforter bubble bar so the shower gel was like a gift for heaven for me :D xxx

    1. agreed it's so so nice x I'm pleased I can still get that fruity aroma without a bath tub :)


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