Thursday 10 September 2015

Small Clothing And Accessories Haul, And Lou On Personal Style

Hi Guys x I've had a few new followers lately so I'd just like to start off this post buying saying a big thank you x I really appreciate every single one of my followers and I really hope that you'll enjoy this little glimpse into my world x

A blog about a lot of things but if you like shopping and hauls, then this is the place to be x I love shopping and over the next few weeks I have several hauls coming for you including a high end beauty haul, a nail haul, and also a couple of more budget friendly beauty hauls but first of all I've got a little fashion and accessory haul to show you.

The first three items in this haul are all tops from QVC. I've spoken a little bit lately about my new found obsession with QVC's clothing and whilst some of you may sneer, I'm going to say it again, I'm a firm believer that you can find clothing gems anywhere. I'm never going to be the most fashionable or on trend person out there but I know what I like and I know what works for me, and something that's almost being a signature look for me is a bright, or a patterned top and a pair of jeggings, leggings or skinny jeans. It looks good, people remember me for it and if you pick the right items, you can feel comfortable and confident x

The first top comes from a Canadian company called Kim&Co. My mum is a fan of the brand and they're noted for their comfortable and easy care, stretchy dresses and separates. I actually already own a piece from the brand from many moons ago, a slinky ivory, cream dress covered in a pink, black and red ladybird print. I love it's quirkiness but since then I haven't seen much that I would personally buy - the range is generally a bit safe and bit too old fashioned for me but every now and then you do see something that makes you think again.

This top normally retails at £40 but it was on special offer on the day I ordered it. I love the floral design but it was the combination of navy blue and lime green that sold it to me. At first glance it looks like you're wearing two tops but it is actually just the one. It features a rose, print panel on the front and the back and the sleeves are in plain navy.

I talk more about the fabric content more in the video below but this super soft, slinky and stretchy, it is so, so comfortable and I love the tunic style length. Here I'm just wearing it with jeans and Converse but it's definitely something that you could dress up.  This top also comes in a black and a pink colour way and I have to say as tempted as I am to pick up that one up too, I think I'll wait and see if the price comes down x

The next two tops are from a QVC brand that I'm really loving at the moment, Wearable Art By Bob Mackie. I love his use of colours and prints x The first top that I got was this contrast sleeve, tile print tunic x

This was another one that was on special and although I originally wanted this top in the blue, it had sold out so I ended up getting it in the brown with the black sleeves. I love the Moroccan style print, that's featured on both the back and the front of the top and the browns, yellows and oranges are really autumnal and perfect for this season. I'm a huge fan of tan and brown accessories and I think that this will work really well with say a tan bag or brown boots.

The final QVC item that I got was another top from the Wearable Art By Bob Mackie range and this time, this one was from the clearance section. This 3/4 sleeve top, is all about the colour and the bright eye catching print

It features a stripe, and almost floral and leaf design in bright,but distressed neon shades of pale blue and green. All the designs and stripes are outlined in black which gives a real stand out look x I would have maybe have liked this to be a little bit longer but since it was less than £15 I can't really complain x

The only other clothing item in this haul came from H&M and it was a sale item, that again embraces my love for colour and print.

Although I remember wearing printed trousers when I was younger I was slow to embrace them this time round x I just didn't feel confident enough but all of a sudden the confidence just clicked and lately I've wanted all the patterned trousers that I could get my hands on. I've mainly been sticking to floral prints but these ones are a bit different - on an ivory, beige background these ones features a bright tropical leaf and flower design, scattered through with illustrations of leopards and tropical birds. These trousers aren't for the faint hearted and although I don't think I'll get any wear out of them this year, for £6 they will be a fab purchase for next summer.

Now accessories and first up something that you might have caught a sneaky peek of in my YSL -Style Is Eternal Vlog x

Although I didn't buy it at the time I thought that this sheep scarf was really cute, so I had a look on ebay and found an identical one at a slightly cheaper price. It comes in few shades and what you can't really see here is how big this actually is. This one was £4.49 from this seller x

I used to be very much a scarf person, and although I don't wear them anywhere near as often as I did I still love them and I can never resits adding a new print or pattern to my collection. As well as picking up a gorgeous blue and white floral one for Mummy Lou in the recent Next sale I also got this one for myself.

I can't really describe the print it looks almost like florals, plates or panels, but again I love the blues and the coral shades.

I think that this was about £5 or £6. I didn't buy a lot in the Next sale this time round just this scarf, some blue and white floral PJ's, some underwear and a few pieces of fashion jewellery including this necklace x

One of the fashion guests on QVC regular wear a similar necklace in either a silver or a gold tone and I loved it. This one isn't the same as either of hers but it's as close as I can find in style at the moment. I have a few mesh pieces from H&M  already and I think that this will work really nicely. I love the combination of both the gunmetal and the silver tone metals and I love the length.

The final item in this haul is another necklace from the Next sale and it's another long one. Unfortunately I've managed to delete the main picture from my camera but this necklace is from the brand Adorning Ava, and it's a long line, gold tone chain which features a diamond shaped filigree pendant with long lines of gold chain hanging from it. It definitely has an Asian feel to it and the super long length means that you could either wear it as a statement piece or even as a layering piece with some shorter chains.

So that was my small but very long winded clothing and accessories haul x I've made a little video to accompany this haul which you can see here x If you're on a mobile device don't worry you can find the video here x

Thanks for watching and reading, and if you have any questions please leave me a comment I love reading what you have to say x

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