Thursday 3 September 2015

Madara Multi Action Micellar Water - A Review For My Pure*

Listen to any beauty guru or skincare specialist and they will tell you that there is no point spending money on moisturisers and serums if you aren't cleansing your face properly. I think by now we all know how to do it - warm water, a muslin cloth or a flannel, and a cleanser carefully selected for our skin type , but sometimes, be honest, it can be too much of a chore. I stick to it for about 90% of the time but sometimes, I either don't feel well enough or I'm just too tired to do it properly. In the past I would have just reached for a face wipe but nowadays I'm more likely to use a micellar water.

Ah the micellar water - the perfect invention for make up artists, people in a rush and dare I say it for lazy people like me. Whilst a micellar water can't and probably shouldn't be a replacement for a proper cleansing routine, there are some good ones out there and whether you use them as the first step in your routine, as an eye make up remover or just for emergencies, they can be a useful and versatile addition to your regime.

There are a lot of micellar waters on the market at all price points, and believe it or not for something so simple they can vary an awful lot. I've tried a few and some I've loved, some I've hated and others I've just felt a bit mehh about. I think I've found a one that I really love, but I'm always looking to try something new so for one of August's My Pure reviews I decided to try one from Latvian brand, Madara.

The Madara Multi Action Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid is designed to cleanse, balance and hydrate the skin. It's suitable for vegans, it's gluten and nut free and it isn't tested on animals and like the rest of the products in the Madara range it's also certified organic. Suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive. it contains moisturising aloe vera, skin quenching hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, and northern peony extract, which it known for it's calming properties.

It comes packaged in a hard, frosted plastic, 100ml bottle, with a flip top cap. The bottle is quite hard so you need to shake it a little bit to get the product flowing. 

Like most micellar waters it's a clear solution, that resembles water. It's probably a tiny bit denser than water and whilst it doesn't feel oily, it does feel more hydrating then say water on its own. The scent reminds of some of the Living Nature products that I've also tried from My Pure, it's subtle but there is definite herbal hint and you definitely pick up the witch hazel. I'm not fussed on the scent but really it's all about how it performs.

First up some before pictures - basically I'm wearing the same make up that you can see in yesterday's post plus some blush, lipstick, mascara and some cream eyeshadow x 


and the afters x  All I've used is the micellar water on some large cotton wool pads and I've just gently wiped the solution over my face and my eyes.


and just to prove that was all I did, here are the cotton pads I used to prove it.

Well it certainly took everything off including my mascara and my long wear eyeshadow but how did it feel? Pretty good as it happens, it instantly melted my make up and it took virtually no effort to remove my eye make up, so no rubbing, no pulling and no tugging! Perhaps more importantly though there was no stinging, it literally felt as though I was removing my make up with water. My eyes are notorious for reacting to cleansers and eye make up removers but when I used this product there was no stinging, no burning and no watering. My eyes were fine and so was the rest of my face, my skin isn't that sensitive but it can be sensitised by product but again there was no redness, and no stinging or irritation. The pinkness that you can see in the after picture is just my normal skin colour, in fact I would even say that my skin felt  even better after I'd used this product, there was no dryness or tightness and my skin actually felt hydrated and though it had, been given a drink of water!

I'm so, so impressed with this product - okay I'm not too keen on the smell it did everything it promised and more. The only other drawback bar my personal opinion on the scent is the size of the bottle. It's only 100ml and if you used this product regularly as an eye make up remover or as main cleanser, it wouldn't last very long. That said if you're an occasional user or if you want an all in one product for holidays or for travel then this size would be fine but Madara if you're listening please make a bigger size! The Madara Multi Action Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid comes in a 100ml bottle and retails at £12 from My Pure. Have you tried a micellar water before? Let me know your favourites below xx 


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