Saturday 5 September 2015

New Season Primark Haul - Clothing And Primark Home

You know that old saying, you wait ages for a bus and then two come along at once? Well take away the bus and replace it with Primark visits and you're there. I always try to avoid going into town or into the Metro Centre when the kids are off school so it feels like I haven't into Primark for months and then what happens? I go twice in a fortnight!

Although I'm praying that summer isn't really over both the weather and the shops seem to suggest otherwise. The heating has been on for the past couple of nights and the stores are now full of hats, scarves, and woolly jumpers. Although I love summer and I love warm weather, fashion wise I think I much more of an autumn / winter person. I love scarves, cosy cardigans and fluffy jumpers, so I decided to accept the changing season and see what Primark had to offer.

Quite a lot as it happened, and something I would always say about Primark is if you see something you like, buy it! You can always return it later but the stock turnover seems to be so quick if you don't get it, you might miss out altogether. On my first trip I was trying to be restrained and whilst I saw a couple of things that I would like, I decided to hold off, unfortunately when I returned to the same store 6 days later, they'd gone :( A lesson learnt me thinks! One of the things that I was going to get was the grey version of this jumper.

I bought something similar in a sort of mint / turquoise shade last year and I love it. This one is in a deep, almost bottle green, teal knit. It feels like wool but it's actually made from synthetic fibres. Around the neckline there are fixed clear crystals and gunmetal beads that makes it look as though you are wearing a necklace. It features a little keyhole detail at the back of the neck which fastens with a tiny button. This isn't my cheapest Primark purchase ever at £14 but it's well worth the money and I'm sure you would pay at least double that anywhere else, and I'll definitely by trying to track the grey version down x

The next thing I got could be worn whatever the season, but I think the rusty, orange, red colour gives it an autumnal feel.

Made of a lightweight, crepe like fabric, this pull on, collarless shirt  features a v-neck, and a gold tone zip detail at surround the neckline and finishes half way down the front. It features turned up sleeves that secure with a self coloured tab, and gold tone buttons.

I love loose shirts like this and I will be probably be wearing it over skinny jeans and jeggings. This shirt was £10 and I believe it comes in several other colours.

When you think about it I guess the next two tops that I got aren't really that autumn / winter specific either but they seem to be embracing two trends that seem to be everywhere again this season, lace and Victoriana.

The first top that I got it basically a long sleeve, light ivory, lace tunic. I saw this and I just couldn't resist. With a rounded neck and a solid collar, it features a gorgeous lace detail panel down the front, and it features beautifully trimmed button cuffs, and again a keyhole detail at the back of the neck which fastens with 2 buttons.

This top was £14 and again it's something that you would pay a lot more for if you bought it elsewhere. The pictures in no way do it justice, the lace is soft and it isn't too scratchy and the details make this top look a lot more expensive than what it was.

Sticking with the girly and pretty theme, the next top that I got falls into that category too. Again a pull on top this one is in the almost loose poets shirt style.

Again in a pale ivory, this  top features a cute scalloped collar and neckline, and tie detailing. It's made of a sheer fabric with a tone on tone raised dot design.

This top was just £10 and again I think it's something that you could wear all year round, either over sun sensitive shoulders or with skinny jeans, and boots.

That's it for the clothing I did buy some indigo denim jeggings, some basic black leggings and some undies which I haven't featured here but you can see them, as well as everything else in this haul in the video below x

I also had a look at the jewellery when I was in store and for a change nothing much wowed me. I did spot a couple of necklaces on the Primark instagram page but they haven't appeared yet so I just got a couple of pairs of earrings.

These are described as "front - back earrings" - the first pair feature a big crystal stud with a gold tone circle. The crystal stud, which can be worn on it's own, goes in the ear as normal, and the gold circle hangs at the back of the ear. With the second pair the gold, ball stud goes into the hole as normal and the crystal, glitter ball almost seem to hang down from behind the ear. Apologies for the useless description but I hope you know what I mean - this type of earring is everywhere at the moment and you really need to see them in the ear. I might have described it better in the video so definitely have a watch x

At the till I picked up some of my face wipes but the rest of the haul is all about Primark Home. I'd gone initially in search of the led star light that quite a few bloggers seem to have but it's proving extremely elusive grr! I debated whether to get the arrow but I don't think it would really go in any of the places that I had planned so I'll just have to keep searching.

Primark Home has really upped it's game recently and despite the small home section in the Metro Centre store, there was a lot of stuff that I could have bought but I just two things including this duvet set.

You've probably see this one a hundred times already but I'm all for supporting my fellow bloggers and as you know I'm a mad cat lady so I had to get this Triangle Dream duvet set from Gabriella from @velvetgh0st exclusive collection for Primark.

I love the grey and pastel tones but the real draw was the cat face on the "Let's Sleep In" pillow :). It's a polyester / cotton mix and I got the double which was £16. My whole room is in disarray but I'll instagram a picture when it's on the bed.

The final thing that I got was this little mirrored wall hanging,which features the Audrey Hepburn quote "Happy Girls Are The Prettiest" Did she really say that? who knows? I know a lot of people hate all this inspirational quote stuff but each to there on, I like it - I need all the inspiration, help and positivity that I can get at times ;)

I'm pretty happy with the bits that I got but I can definitely see another Primark trip on the horizon. Their stock changes so often that it's one of those shops that you really need to go into a regular basis in order to get the good stuff. Whilst Metro Centre is normally my Primark of choice, I'm planning on heading into Newcastle next time to have a look at the full home section and I'm hoping to get some of the fab copper coat hangers that I've seen on instagram. If you've posted a Primark haul recently I've love to see it so link me up below x

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