Saturday 19 October 2013

Sparkly Disappointment From MUA - Nails Of The Day

The plans of mice and men eh - today's post was supposed to be my holiday haul alongside an accompanying haul video - Unfortunately I woke up with barely no voice so I couldn't record never mind I'll do it as soon as I feel well enough. In the meantime though I thought I'd post one of the kazillion nails of the day posts that I have in draft.

I'll start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of MUA nail polishes, I'd only been disappointed by one of them before now (the Love Heart Nail Polish in Love U) but unfortunately this one didn't cut the mustard either.

MUA 1D Little Things Nail Polish in Gold and Gorgeous, at first glance appears to have it all, a high end style bottle and the most amazing gold sparkly colour but for me it was one big let down :(

The polish has a wide brush which I love but the consistency was awful it was really thick. Despite that it still took two coats to achieve full coverage. Like a lot of metallics the brush strokes are visible, this is normally a big bug bear of mine but as it looked so pretty I was prepared to let it go. However after leaving my polish to dry for a good half hour I was gutted to find that it was still soft, I managed to get a whole load of dints on some of the nails and 3 nails just rolled and rubbed off entirely. The polish that remained though stuck fast and took loads of remover to get off, hmm.

I'm really hoping that I just got a bad one but I was so disappointed. It seems odd that the two MUA polishes that I've liked the least both came from special collections -hmm. Have you tried this polish and had better results that I did? let me know in the box below x


  1. It's a shame this let you down as it's such a beautiful shade!


  2. Such a shame you didn't get along with it. It looks amazing in the bottle. Raspberrykiss xo


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