Saturday 5 October 2013

Budget Beauty Series - Autumnal Eyes With LA Colors

Okay I might be behaving like it's summer and sunning myself on the shores of the Mediterranean this week but there is no doubt that we're heading slap bang into Autumn. I know what your going to say Autumn means shorter days and longer nights, and yes your right but it means so much more: Halloween, Bonfire Night, and fresh clean air are all things worth looking forward to. I have to say though my favourite thing about Autumn or The Fall as some of you guys would describe it as, are the colours of the plants and leaves.

Whilst my little section of Co Durham could never be compared to Boston or New England the colours of the leaves and foliage at this time of year is a feast on the eye. Bronzes, coppers, golds and reds are all colours that make you think of Autumn, and cold frosty days kicking you way through the fallen leaves.

I'm a huge fan of bronzes, coppers and golds on the eyes so I decided to do a little post for you on one more recent eyeshadow palette acquisitions American brand LA Colors 5 Colour Metallic Eyeshadow Palette in
 EP107 Desert Dune.

The name doesn't scream Autumn to me but the colours certainly do. This palette contains 5 small round eyeshadows each about the size of a penny piece and the usual pointless double ended sponge applicator. The shades range from a bright orange copper, to a red toned brown a pale peachy yellow gold, and some neutral bronze tones.

Each of the shades appears to have some form of shimmery over spray on the surface, which pretty much disappears after the first use or swatch in my case. (You can just about see the difference in the 3rd shadow which has been touched before photographing) The shadows underneath still contain a bit of shimmer but they are nowhere near as glittery as they first appear, and they are a tiny bit darker.

With Flash

Pigmentation as you can see is pretty amazing. The shadows are very soft and smooth, if a little powdery, and the blend and apply with ease, and wear time is actually pretty impressive

Without Flash

Obviously you can use all of the shades individually but I've had a little play with this palette and here are a few easy (so easy my cats could probably do them) looks that I created with it. First up a sort of sunset look where I used shade 1 all over the lid and under the brow and shade 2 a deep orange, copper, which I applied into the crease x

Next just a pretty average every day look using shades 3 and 4. I used shade 3 all over the lid and this time I used shade 4 in the crease to add a bit of definition - That was the plan and what I did lol but it just looks like I've blended the two shades together here - damn you crepey eye lids !

The following look was created with shades 3 and 5 to create a darker more smokey brown look, with just a hint of yellow gold

I've really enjoyed using this palette over the last few and I think perfect for autumn, all the colours contain a bit of shimmer so if you aren't a fan then this palette probably isn't for you x Understandably because of the shimmer yet there is a bit of fall out but I can live with that especially for the price. Whoops sorry I didn't mention the price did I :) This palette was just £1, yes a quid! I got mine from a northern based discount called Boyes, but I've seen other LA Colors bits in various other discount stores and market stores so it's worth looking in unexpected places for bargain products. It's also worth having a look online x Having used this palette I would easily have paid more money for it, and next time I'm in Boyes I'll definitely consider picking up another variant. Have you tried any LA Colors make up? let me know xx

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