Wednesday 23 October 2013

Holiday Hauling - Dr Lewinns, Benefit, Givenchy, Clarins And More x

I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to get this post up but you can blame the weather - how dull has it been over the last few weeks? yuck! so hard to take any decent pictures or videos! Thankfully though there's been some very rare sunny spells, so it's haul time :)

Walking around in duty free spraying perfume, and swatching things is all part of the holiday experience and this time was no different. I don't know what it was though but nothing really screamed buy me in Newcastle airport, in most cases you weren't saving that much and I couldn't really justify buying some all be it very lovely things (the new Chanel cream blusher, and Benenfit Rockateur in particular). So all I got in Newcastle airport was a bottle of my favourite fragrance at the moment Givenchy - Dahlia Noir.

I saved about 10-15 pounds on this 75ml bottle which was pretty good. I also got a free gift a small tube of Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Silk Body Veil, which actually smells nice and works well alongside the Dahlia Noir.

Again in Larnaca airport I wasn't that inspired, the brand choice is amazing and way superior to Newcastle with MAC, Bobbie Brown and Kiehls, but alas the prices were equal too if not more what you would pay in the UK so I just got one thing.

The Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is something that's been on my wishlist for a while now. I paid €25.50 which roughly works out at £22 so the saving was only abut £3 but at least it was something.

I've been using Alpha H Liquid Gold which I love but fancied giving this a go, I've got about a month or so's supply of Liquid Gold left, so I'll do a review of this for you when I've used it for a bit x

So they were my airport purchases, as well as duty free shops, I'm also a great believer in in-flight shopping. As soon as every one gets strapped in it isn't the flight safety card that they pull out of the curiously tight seat pocket it's the in-flight shopping and refreshment catalogues lol; It fills the time I guess but this time there were a few bits that I quite fancied. The item that me and the majority of my flight seemed to want though (the Marc Jacobs Mini Fragrance Set) alas was sold out :( so instead I went for the Benefit airline exclusive She's So Jet Set kit.

I'm having a bit of a Benefit love in at the moment, rediscovering old products in my collection and craving new ones, so this seemed like a good buy.

It's basically one of their boxed palettes, which comes complete with a mirror,  eyeshadow and blusher applicators and a step by step tutorial leaflet showing you some looks that you can create with the loveliness inside.

The palette comes complete with 3 removable mini products the Porefessional primer, a lipgloss in Life On The A List a gorgeous peachy nude , and a mini They're Real mascara.

As well as the items it contains 4 brown and neutral toned eyeshadows in Champagne Please, Gold Card, Pretty In Mink, and Elegant Espresso. All of the shadows have a bit of shimmer in them and the pigmentation is superb.

The kit also comes with a duo blush / highlighter called First Class Face Powder. Apologies for the awful photograph but these pale peachy / coral pink shades aren't that pigmented on my tanned arm (no it's not grey irl lol) They are very pretty shades though and give a lovely subtle, shimmer and glow to the cheeks.
You can also see Life On The A List swatched here - I already own the full size of this one and it's so pretty and wearable.

There are some really nice things in this kit which was about £25, both the cheek and eye colours seem to be exclusives and the other 3 items are things that I've already used before and love. I'll do a full look sometime with this kit so you can see how all these gorgeous shimmers and nudes work together.

My final in-flight purchase was something that I've wanted to try for ages. My nails at the moment are ranging between okay to dreadful in the space of a couple of days. I've tried pretty  much everything else on the market and this is pretty much my last hope 

Yes Dr Lewinns Renunail :) I've read a lot of good things about this and this was a really good offer for just £15 you get a huge 30ml of the Renunail Strengthener, and a 15ml bottle of the Renunail Nourishing Oil.

This kit is £22 on the Dr Lewinns website so it was a pretty good saving. I'm going to be doing the 4 week challenge, where you basically apply the strengthener once a day for a week, then after a week you remove it then start again and do the same for 4 weeks. You not really supposed to wear polish for this stage so I have a few nail posts to go up in the meantime and I'll report back in a month so you can see how I get on x 

The final part of my holiday haul comes from the resort itself. I didn't buy an awful lot to be honest the prices had majorly gone up since the last time I was there. I bought a few bits that I haven't photographed including some gorgeous halloumi cheese, and some framboise, and some postcards for scrapbooking :) but as per usual I bought a few jewellery pieces, including these bracelets, 2 with side ways crosses, and one with gorgeous brown stones.

I also bought another pashmina like scarf, I bought a gorgeous leopard print the last time I was here so this I managed to find the Zebra version :)

My next purchase was a bit of an emergency one, my lovely polka dot hanging toiletry bag didn't really survive it's journey very well, and the bottom zipped section broke spilling skincare all over the vanity. So I bought another make up bag / wristlet to put my bits in.

Yeah it's a fake Marc Jacobs one, whoops - no matter I love the design and I couldn't afford the real thing, and it did the job keeping my goodies safe on my return flight :)

My final two purchases were typical touristy things, this cute handmade wooden cat keyring :)

and this cats of Cyprus pen :) I also got the matching mug for free because I spent so much in one shop  :)

I've also made a little video so you can see some of my buys up close xx Don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel if you haven't already, you can find it here x

So that was my haul I expected to buy a few more bits to be honest but I didn't, the prices weren't amazing, and I just couldn't justify paying more for something than I would at home just for the sake of it, so I came home with some Euro's and some pounds - I still have the Euros' but the pounds may been spent since I got home - whoops - more on that to come next week ;) In the meantime though if you have any questions on anything that I've bought please leave me a comment x I love reading what you have to say and I really value your input x 

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