Tuesday 29 October 2013

Collection Lasting Gel Colour Nails - 11 Stormy Grey

Based on a little bit of internet research this polish formulation seems to divide the nail polish loving population. Some people say that this gel based formulations chips within hours some people say it lasts for ages. Well quite a while ago now I decided to get a bottle of the Collection Lasting Gel Colour Nails in 11 Stormy Grey to try, and before my holidays I gave it a go.

Grey really? This polish isn't grey at all, it's one of those greige (more beige), nude shades not dissimilar to Nails Inc Porchester Square, Promoted as being long lasting, and with the finish of a gel polish, this is just a normal nail polish. I has a super wide brush which makes application a breeze and I barely needed two coats for a perfect finish.

Did it last? well I got 4 days wear out of it with no top coat, not amazing by some peoples standards but by mine that's pretty good. Normally I'm lucky if I can get a couple of days out of a polish without it chipping and peeling so this gets a thumbs up from me. The colour despite being misnamed in my opinion is so easy to wear for everyday or for any occasion and I can myself wearing it lots. The colour choice is a tiny bit boring but I quite fancy one of the pink shades that I picked up for my godmother - at only £2.99 each you can afford to experiment. Which camp do you fall in? do you love these polishes or hate them ? let me know x

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