Thursday 17 October 2013

Some Holiday Outfits Featuring Boohoo, H&M, Next And More x

Sun Hat Courtesy Of Mummy Lou 

Despite my declaration that LouLouLand is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, I have to be honest and say that fashion posts have been a little thin on the the ground lately. I still love clothes and accessories as much as I ever did, but when you don't feel confident about yourself, posting pictures of your outfits isn't at the top of your agenda. I'm a firm believer though that we should love ourselves no matter hat shape we are. So despite the fact that my weight loss journey is continuing, I've decided to be brave and post a few evening outfit pictures from my holidays. The pics are all mobile selfies so they aren't amazing but hopefully you can see some of things that I wore and how I accessorised them with just two handbags, two pairs of shows, and a mountain of fashion jewellery xx

First up the shoes -  weight is paramount when it comes to package holidays, we had just 15kg of hold luggage and 5kg of hand luggage each, so I always try to be careful about what shoes I take. As much as I'd love to take a sandal or a wedge they're just too heavy. I'm a huge lover Mel and Melissa rubber shoes, so this year I took two pairs of their flip flops. A black heart design and a lovely white bow pair.

For each pair of shoes I needed a bag, so again I went for 2 light options including this recent ebay purchase

and this Primark black studded clutch. I actually used the strap from the other bag on this one too for another look and option x

So those were my shoes and bags, next up jewellery x I love my fashion jewellery with a passion, I have so many pieces it's ridiculous, and for my hols I went for a number of bright pieces that I could interchange depending on the outfit.

These pieces come from all over the place - the bracelets came from H&M, QVC, Dorothy Perkins, ebay, and my Meet At Mal goodie bag, and the neon spike necklace came from Primark. The earrings are also for everywhere including Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, and ebay - now for the outfits x

First up a dress you've seen before :) This gorgeous coral floral maxi is from a few years ago now from Boohoo. I love the summery colours and the pattern :)

Next up another Boohoo maxi. This one is from this year and was a birthday present from my godparents. Again I love the bright colours and the tropical floral pattern x

Another maxi dress, this time courtesy of Mummy Lou and Soon At Matalan. I love this dress, it made of a gorgeous shimmer, stretchy fabric, and again I love the almost tropical leaf style print. The navy background gives it a classic edge, but the lime green acrylic jewel detailing and the vibrant neon lime in the print gives it a modern feel. I wore this dress again for my godparents anniversary celebrations :)

The final dress I took with my with this neon orange dress from Next. It's made of a crepe style fabric and it has open shoulder detailing which unfortunately you can't really see here. It's has a drop waist and side pockets which makes is look a tab sloppy and shapeless. Despite that I love this dress, it's very comfortable and the neon orange colour looks great against tanned skin x

Due to worrying about weight restrictions these were the only dresses that I took - I wore the coral maxi dress twice, and I also wore a skirt and top. This black maxi skirt is from H&M and I also wore it with a white vest, a black cardigan, a black and grey H&M pashmina, and some white Birkenstocks to fly home in. Here though I wore it with a coral pink longline vest also from H&M, and loads of jewellery. These vests are a real find and I think they still have them online, they are really long - a must for me and they come in loads of different colours for just £3.99 each.

So they were my evening outfits x Would you like me to do some more outfit posts? Obviously ones with better lighting, better photography skills, and better posing but if you would be interested let me know in the comments x

(P.S. Click on the images to make them bigger and to see them in more detail x )


  1. Ahh you look lovely. I love the mmaxi dresses, i need more next summer i think.
    I know how you feel about posting outfit photos, i do post some every now and then but feel really self concious at the moment as i'm the biggest i've ever been.

    1. Aww thanks Em x I love maxis especially in the summer so easy to wear and lovely when its warm outside x I'm really trying not to feel self conscious there are so many amazing plus sized ladies out though that look fabulous so I'm trying to stay positive and embrace the curves until they burger off to where they come from ;) You look amazing Emma no matter what your size and you still have the most amazingly beautiful eyes I've ever seen xxx


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