Wednesday 2 October 2013

Get Your Tan On In An Instant With St Moriz

Greetings from sunny Cyprus :) By the miracle of scheduled posting I'm (hopefully!) back with another blog post for you x

I thought long and hard about what posts to do for you and this one made perfect sense. I'm currently soaking up the sun and doing my best to get a bit of a tan. I'm doing at safely though and I have an assortment of sun tan lotions, tan accelerators, straw hats and cover ups on standby. What if you can't jet off for some sun though, do you stay pale and pasty ? or do you reach for a bit of faux glow?I have to say I'm not a great fan of wearing self tan in the depth of winter, it can look well, a bit odd. For a special occasion though I guess it's okay, especially when there are so many wash on, wash off products on the market.

I was recently sent a couple of bottles of St Moriz Instant Tan to try out, one for the face and one for the body. I'm a huge fan of the other products in the St Moriz range so I couldn't wait to give these a try.

The Instant Tan range as the name would suggest is designed to give you a pretty much instantaneous colour. There is no need to wait hours for your colour to develop, pop it on and your bronzed and ready to go, and when you've had enough of being a bronzed goddess, just wash it off with soap and water.

St Moriz Instant Face Tan Wash Off - Medium Matte - 100ml

I don't know about you, but I always use SPF on my face, and I try to keep it out of the sun as much as possible. As well as the health and ageing aspect I'm prone to pigmentation due to medication so I can never get that beautiful even colour on my face that the holiday adverts and magazines promote. This product sounded like the answer to my prayers, something that would be ideal for touching up and evening out the colour on my face.

Packaged in a squeezy tube in the familiar St Moriz colours, this product is designed to provide a streak free, water resistant, temporary natural looking tan.

When I first squeezed a little bit out I have to admit I was terrified, it has the colour but thankfully not the texture of Marmite! It actually feels like a very light lotion all be it in a very scary colour.

The best way to show you if this works or not is with some pictures x Apologies for the shockingly bad lighting, autumn really did arrived with a bang last week.




Okay you probably can't see too much of a difference thanks to the lousy lighting, but if you compare my face and neck in the last picture maybe it will give you a bit more of an idea x 

This fresh smelling  lotion was really easy to apply and it blended out really nicely, I used my fingers but you could always use a facial mitt or a sponge. I've probably used a bit too much here it's probably best to start with a little bit and build it up till you get the colour that your looking for. My skin is quite oily and this felt quite comfortable on my skin. It took a minute or two to dry, and then it pretty much stayed put. I wore a dark top just in case it ran but it didn't move even when I had a few mini tropical moments. A few hours later it was still intact, a little bit came off with a damp tissue but it took my full cleansing routine to remove it all.

I think that this is a pretty good product, despite the terrifying colour, I managed to make this work on my pale pink toned skin. For me though this product is probably more for topping up a pre existing tan, or for evening out an uneven one rather than starting from scratch, and that is certainly how I will continue to use, and enjoy using this tube and the one that I got from the Newcastle FABB Event x

St Moriz Instant Face Tan - Wash Off - Medium Matte retails at around £4.99 for a 100ml tube from various retailers including Tesco x

St Moriz Instant Body Tan - Wash Off - Medium Matte - 150ml

We've all been there, you get a last minute invite to go out, your find something to wear, and then you look at your legs, day glo white. There is nothing wrong with being pale and I have to admit I'm not a consistent fake tanner, I'll only fake tan in the summer or when I'm getting my legs out but sometimes whether it because of a certain coloured outfit or occasion, you just need a bit of colour.

Alongside their wash off face product, St Moriz also produce a wash off body product, promising the same no streak, transfer resistant instant natural tan.

Again the colour is terrifying Marmite really is the best way of describing it, and in fact I would even say that it's a bit darker than the facial version, but it has the same lotion / cream texture, and the same fresh smell. That is a major plus point of these products, being wash off, temporary tans you don't get that familiar biscuit type smell.

You could of course use your hands to apply this, providing you washed them thoroughly afterwards, but I used one of the velvet tanning mitts for a more even coverage

As per usual I was brave and did the one leg challenge for you, I just used the product on one leg so you can see the difference.

Yeah that's a pretty big difference isn't it? The colour looks pretty impressive especially when you look at opposite leg - white with blue veining compared to a sun kissed bronze , which would you rather have. This product took about 10 minutes to dry completely, and during that time I did manage to get a bit of transfer onto a towel and on my bed sheets which thankfully came in the wash. After those 10 minutes or so and despite sweating a lot, the colour pretty much stayed put. It did come off in the shower but it did take a little bit more of an effort to remove than the facial version did.

This product pretty much did what it promised, it produced a natural looking tan within minutes, and once it was dry, it stayed for the 8 or so hours till I washed it off. Again I think that this product would be great for topping up a natural tan, and I can certainly see myself using it to disguise any strap marks, or tanning lines. I also think that this is a great emergency tanner, if your caught on the hop or your in a rush and you want a bit of colour.

St Moriz Instant Body Tan - Wash Off - Medium Matte - 150ml retails at around £4.99 from Tesco and various other retailers x

Whilst I don't think that these instant, wash off products will ever replace a proper false tan for most people, I think they do have their place. Their good for evening up a natural tan, and I think their really good for people in a rush, or when you want a bit of colour in a hurry. The fact that you can wash them off if you make a mistake also means that they're ideal for self tanning novices, and the price also means that you can afford to experiment x If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I'll get back to you when I return for holiday x 

(St Moriz Instant Face Tan Wash Off - Medium Matte - 100ml And  St Moriz Instant Body Tan - Wash Off - Medium Matte - 150ml Were Both Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)


  1. I swear by this tan! It's so good, even though its cheap the price is creeping further up I've noticed!!!

    Im a north east blogger too!!

    1. Thanks Amy x Yeah everything seems to be getting more expensive doesn't it x I'm using it to fill in a few strap marks at the minute xx

  2. I can't find the face lotion :( just exist now the st moriz wash off for body :(( you know if I can use the body tan to the face?


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