Saturday 12 October 2013

I'm Back x A Ramble,Life Lately And Looking Forward x

Hey Guys, Remember me ? Yeah of course you do, thanks to scheduled posting it probably seems like I've never been away :)

I had a fabulous time, the weather was by and large amazing, and I had loads of chill out time which was exactly what I needed. 

I don't know if it's been obvious over the last few months but I've kind of fell out of love with blogging, in fact so much so that I actually considered giving it up for good. Whilst I was away though I've had lots of time to think, and I've decided that I definitely want to continue. Mine may not be the most fashionable or popular blog out there, but blogging has never been about being popular for me, it's all about expressing myself, and talking about things that I love and enjoy, and the fact that I've met so many lovely people and had so many amazing opportunities means that it's definitely going to be a part of my life for the foreseeable future.

I've had some tough times over the last 12 months of so and you guys have been there for me through all of it, which is pretty amazing in my book, in fact some of you lovely people have been more supportive than people in my own family and in my own social circle and for that I'm truly grateful. Whilst I'm not obsessed with followers and statistics (What's with that, by the way?) they don't half lift your spirits at times, and over the last few weeks I've been sneaking towards a half a million all time page views. Typically the magical number of 500,000 was hit whilst I was up in the air probably somewhere over Europe, so this was closest screen shot that I managed to grab thanks to some free WiFi at Larnaca Airport.

I can't describe what this figure means to me, it's crazy, that my blog has been clicked on over half a million times, and I am so honoured that you lovely people have bothered to read my blog and to keep reading it over the years x Thank You x 

So where now, well a bit more of the same I guess, my blog is still my place to talk about what I want so nothing is really going to change, more reviews, maybe a little less hauling, some more recipes, the continuation of my diet posts, maybe a few more fashion posts, and some smatterings of favourites, homes posts, and maybe be some pet posts :)

I've had a super busy week since I got home in the early hours of Monday morning, and that's part of the reason why it's taken me so long to get a post up. The familiar in flight cold has arrived with a vengeance, I've had several appointments, and on Thursday it was my beloved godparents Diamond Wedding Anniversary!Yes, they have been married for 60 years, which is an amazing achievement especially in this day and age. They've been through so much together in that time, my godfather had open heart surgery in the 1980's and of course over the last 12 months or so they've had to deal with my godmothers cancer, their relationship is as strong as ever, an their marriage is the true definition of the word partnership. 
On Thursday night 20 of us went out for a meal to celebrate their wonderful achievement. Here are a few pictures of their many, many cards and bouquets x 

And of course, this special anniversary is honoured by the Queen herself, hence this special card from Buckingham Palace - I wish she looked as bit happier though ;)

So that was my week, cold and chesty cough permitting I have a couple of holiday themed posts to go up next week, including some outfit posts, and a holiday haul, and Part 2 of my Thinking Slimmer journey, and then we'll be back to normal with the usual mix of nails, food, make up, hair care and skincare x Thanks for following and don't forget about my giveaway which ends on Monday xxx


  1. Wow, looks lovely there Lou :). Your Godparents look adorable, many congratulations to them xx

    1. Thank you so much Sadie x I hope your enjoying married life x you looked amazing x

  2. Hi Lou,
    I hardly ever comment on blogs anymore, but I always read posts.
    Just wanted to say congrats on your achievement, and congrats on your grandparents' anniversary. That is all so sweet.
    Keep up the good job in blogging, because we all know you do it for passion, not money, and that's how your readers will stay faithful to you :)


    1. Hi Lydia x Thank you so much for your kind words x I hope your well xx

  3. Hope your had a lovely holiday :) Congrats to your god parents!


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