Sunday 16 May 2010

A Video Of My Powder Rooms Haul and You Tube Link

Just a little video to show you some goodies that I recently bought from Powder Rooms - I've always had such great service from the company I made a bit of a haul and rave video - the lovely owner hasn't asked me to do this I just wanted too. My haul includes loads of the new Eyeko polishes (she was kind enough to included a free one I bought so many ;), some Butter London polish remover and hand cream, and some Havianas - some of the comfiest flip flops in the world - any questions please give me a shout xx

Oh another thing a few people have asked for a link to my You Tube channel - I haven't publicised it too much but there is a video bar at the bottom of the screen and here's a link it you want to check my ramblings out :)

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