Sunday 16 May 2010

Update and Mini Ramble

Hi all
Just a quick post to say huge, huge thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes both on here, twitter and on facebook - so many said I don't look my age for that I thank you :) I certainly look older this morning about 6.30 a huge bee flew into my room and couldn't get back out cue me running to my mums rooms for salvation lol After that lovely start to the day I must admit I'm feeling a bit weary at the moment but never mind. I had a lovely day yesterday lots of pressies, nice food, and good wishes but there is always one thing to sour it isn't there - I'm not going into details but suffice to say somebody has left me feeling very sad and confused today and I don't really know where we go from here - people are so complicated :( Anyways I've decided on a brief order of posts over the next day or so first of all I have some FOTD and NOTD from Friday, then maybe a little Asda haul I made on Friday and then another FOTD from yesterday (I am hoping to get these up today), followed by a video haul, a little birthday pressie post mainly of fashion, make up and smellies, and then a couple of birthday recipes I enjoyed yesterday and I've enjoyed today lol -carrot cake for breakfast anyone? lol Once again I'd like to say thank you for such lovely messages I really felt special yesterday :)

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