Sunday 9 May 2010

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Review + FOLN :)

OK your probably sick of reading reviews on this foundation but like many others I fell for the hype and bought on it's recent UK release - I've had a proper chance to try out for a bit now so I thought I'd let you know what I think :) Packaged in a 30ml pump action glass bottle Revlon Photo Ready Make Up describes itself as "poreless, airbrushed skin in any light" For someone with open pores like me they are pretty big claims - does it work we'll see?
The colour I purchased was 003 Shell - a pretty decent match for my NW15 ish skin. It dispenses easily from the pump action bottle -why aren't all foundations pump action?
To apply it I dispensed some product onto the back of my hand and then applied either with my fingers or with a duo fibre brush which was my preferred method - I did try using a sponge but I felt it absorbed to much product and it applied a little bit streaky - it seemed to dry quite fast which meant you have to be super careful applying it blending it well and super quickly. I was pretty impressed with the overall coverage of the foundation as these two pictures show. In this picture I am wearing no make up whatsoever - brave huh -as you can see I have a lot of blemishes on my chin area and a lot of redness - sorry for the scary pics lol
In the after picture you can see that the tone is a lot more even (not Cameron orange that's the lighting lol) and the blemishes are certainly less obvious even without concealer
So the coverage is OK but what about the glitter? To be honest I don't find this half as glittery as people have experienced - It does have shimmer but to be honest this doesn't really bother me - you can see it a bit here
It certainly photographs well but as to lasting erm uh uh - As I say must peoples complaint has been the glitter / shimmer that isn't mine though - the foundation looks decent when it's first applied but my biggest complaint is how the foundation lasts on my skin. I do powder down my t-zone but what I hated about this is that the longer it's on your skin the worse it actually looks. Rather than disguise open pores as it claimed, as it faded I found it made them look worse, this foundation went super patchy as it faded clinging to dry patches and pores and fading completely on my oily areas - I didn't take any pics but I can assure you it looks gross! I really didn't expect that it's never happened that badly with any other foundation I've used :(
Will I buy this again no definitely not - I agree it photographs well so I'll probably finish the bottle by using it for you tube videos etc. but I certainly won't buy it again. The fading / streak issue to be honest looks awful on my skin type so it's a big thumbs down for me :( - never mind plenty more foundations to try. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation costs around £12.99

(I purchased this foundation myself - all opinions in this post are mine and mine alone - your skin type and opinion may be different)


Since I'd done my foundation for the purposes of these pics I thought I'd show you the rest of the make up I wore last night for my Godfathers birthday - I went for a subtle smokey look using one of my new Top Shop eyeshadows - it applied well and blended well but I found it faded and creased badly :( never mind it looked nice while it lasted. Sorry if the main pic is a bit blurry




What I Wore Last Night

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation - 003 Shell
MAC Prep + Prime Eye - Light
Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
Lancome Palette Mix Complexion Kit - 1 (Lightest Shade Only)
Boots No7 Translucent Loose Powder
MAC MSF Porcelain Pink
MAC Cream Blush - So Sweet, So Easy
Top Shop Eyeshadow Duo - Midnight in Paris
GOSH Show Me Volume Mascara - Black *
Avon Daring Definition Cream Eyeliner - Black
ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Baby Lips

(*Provided by PR)


  1. I definitely won't be trying this after reading, my skin is really problematic, dry but very oily. I can't be dealing with a foundation that's going to gather on my chin after sliding off my cheeks lol

  2. D'you know I thought the exact same about the revlon photo ready,nice when first put it on, lovely glowy etc etc but then urgh it turns an oily yucky mess on my skin and my skins not that bad. Nopes not buying that again methinks x


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