Sunday 23 May 2010

Birthday Cooking - Part 1 - Mars Bar Cake :)

OK this recipe might be a little childish but I remember this with fond memories from my childhood birthday parties - it made an appearance at just about every party I ever went too along with Agadoo and cheese and pineapple hedgehogs :) - then a few years ago it started popping up in the office I worked in - Since then I've started making this again for my birthday and for  special occasions like Easter and Christmas. In reality I could probably eat this every day but the calories in it are probably ridiculously high - enjoy :)


3 Full Size Mars Bars (If You Use The Ones From A Multi Pack You'll Need More )
3oz Butter or Margarine
3oz Sugar
3oz Rice Krispies (Coco Pops and supermarket own brands also work well)
10oz ish of Melted Chocolate (I used about 2 large bars of Dairy Milk)

1. Chop up the Mars Bars, and add to a pan with the butter / margarine and sugar.

2. Put the pan onto a medium heat and gently stir until all the ingredients are melted and blended together and the sugar is pretty much dissolved - don't leave the pan to it's own devices though it's super easy for this to burn and catch on and solid burnt caramel is not what we're looking for here.

3. Once it's all melted start adding your rice cereal, stirring gently as as you go

Make sure all the krispies are covered in the Mars Bar mix, you might need more or less krispies than stated

4. Once all the krispies are covered press the mixture into a lined or at least a well greased Swiss roll tin or if you have it use a silicone one - they make is so much easier to get your cake out once it's set. You can see my struggles below this is one sticky mixture

5. Once your slice is cool - melt your chocolate and pour it over the top

You can completely cover it like I've done or you can use slightly less chocolate and drizzle it over the top

6. Leave it to cool and then cut into small squares -this is super sickly :)

Hints and Tips,and Suggestions

* You may look at the mixture in the pan and panic - relax give it time it will all melt together
* You can double or half this mixture quite easily and it works just as well
* If your Coeliac like me check your Rice Krispies etc. some contain too much Barley Malt etc. to make then gluten free :(
* You can also add things like raisins, dried fruit or nuts into your mix and I guess you could use different cereals
* You will need to keep this in a super cool place - it goes very melty and sticky if its anywhere warm

Any questions please ask x Enjoy x


  1. This looks yummy, Im so going to try this :)

  2. I've never tried these before, they sound delicious!

  3. This looks delicious, I really want to make this but know I'd end up scoffing the lot in one go!

  4. Oh now this looks like a real treat! I'm going to try making this for sure x x


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