Wednesday 5 May 2010

Goods and Bads

A bit late this week but never mind - I'll start with the goods for a change :)


* I am going shopping with my godmother tomorrow for some of my birthday pressie :) and I have some money to spend too am fancying a few Body Shop things, a Sleek Kajal and who knows what else :)
* Placed an order for some Top Shop make up and some bits from MAC this week can't wait till they come :)
* I have nearly finished sorting out my wardrobes so far I have 3 bin bags for ebay and 4 for charity - I'll post a link to my ebay listings when I start the mammoth lists lol


* One big one today it seems a bit insignificant to post anything else really - Just found out today that somebody who lives near me and went to my school died in Afghanistan this week. I didn't know him personally (he was 4 years younger than me) but we had mutual friends and acquaintances. It's absolutely heartbreaking news and my deepest sympathy goes out to his family - RIP Daryn I never knew you but like many I feel your loss x


  1. oh dear, i just had to go and order some topshop makeup too! although i did sign up to their email to let me know when it was released but don't seem to have got it! so thanks for letting us know anyway


  2. I've ordered some make up from TS today too. I'm sorry to hear your bad, it always brings things closer to home when you get news like that x


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